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  1. Given the current confinement i've just upgraded to some slightly more proper speakerage on my desk. It's nice to not have any latency when trying to play through VST's.

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    2. SpondonBassed


      PS:  Speakers of themselves neither contribute to latency (unless they are far far away) nor do they cure it.  Your VST is the most likely source of any laggy issues.

    3. LiamPodmore


       This one was a 100% necessary upgrade. I was previously using the front pair and centre of an old dvd player that had 5.1 as my PC speakers which had too much input lag. I'm assuming the unit itself was doing some extra processing and not particularly well as it's a good 10+ years old. If it was GAS i wouldn't have removed that Telecaster from the basket 😂

    4. SpondonBassed


      What speakers did you get?

      If your old ones had some sort of active technology you might have had latency within the speakers but I'm betting there is no difference to the lag with the new ones unless they also have active tech and that tech is quicker.

      The quality may well be different but unless you've got ADA conversion or other processing going on in the speaker cabinet itself there is nothing that can cause latency.

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