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  1. Thanks for the replies, going to try the 4CM at next rehearsal, sound is good anyway but i'll see if it opens up the helix a bit more. I'm using the svt amp and cab model. amp only through the OBC410 just doesn't sound right to me, too trebly.
  2. Hi, so I’ve recently picked up a helix floor unit and the thing is amazing. Currently I’m running it through a orange terror head and obc410. The headrush has caught my eye and I’m wondering if it will be the answer to a clear uncoloured sound as my main stage sound replacing the orange gear. I will say I haven’t yet tried the 4CM, just running straight into the front of the amp. Any thoughts on the headrush ? Anyone use one for bass ? thanks
  3. Hi, interested in the unichorus if it’s still available ?
  4. Hi, I am in the process of fitting a j retro to my jazz bass, does the ground wire coming from the bridge of my jazz need soldering anywhere ? I’m getting a good signal without it but wondered what others have done. Thanks
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. I haven't got a helix yet but here's hoping santa brings me one in a few weeks. I've seen a few videos on it and I think all the manuals are on that USB stick. I can't decide whether or not to ditch the AD200B and go with a helix through an orange terror bass! I've heard the svt amp modelling is spot on.
  7. Hi, very interested in this, where are you based please?
  8. Lovely looking bass ! do you know if that is the original bridge ?
  9. Hi, I have found that the passive input jack is not working as it should on my amp i.e when in use there will be no sound unless you wiggle the jack a little. The active one is fine. I have had a look inside and all the soldering is solid. Would it just need a clean or replacement? If it needs replacing is it a straightforward job? I would assume it can be any similar one from maplins or somewhere like that. Thanks
  10. I'm really interested in the helix LT, currently just have a zoom b3 for effects like fuzz / distortion / chorus and use the sansamp emulator for my standard tone into a tb500.. I'm curious to know how good the valve amp emulator sounds and also how good the fuzz and distortion is. Usually with digital fuzz effects you lose quality in comparison to say an analogue pedal. I *was* considering getting a sansamp and a couple of other pedals for live gigs but this looks like it can cover the lot! I also play through an AD200B (when my back feels up to it) and I wouldn't need any amp or cab emulation with that, just effects, but as much as I love it I'm considering selling this to fund a helix.
  11. As explained above ! I had this problem with my g&l but not my Gibson les Paul active
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