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  1. This bass used to be mine. I had the neck slimmed down to that of a B Profile early 70’s P bass professionally done by Bob Barry a renowned Birmingham based luthier . It was a really slick job and you would never, ever notice. This bass played like butter and it was a wrench to let it go. If I hadn’t got too many basses already it would be back here with me now. Marc is a pleasure to deal with and this bass is an absolute steal at this price.
  2. This superb Aguilar TH500 Tonehammer is now for sale. Sorry not looking for any traders at the moment. Less than 12 months old has only been used occassionally as prefer my Ashdown rig. Comes with original box and all paperwork! The zip is broken on the carry bag! Price includes shipping to UK mainland 🙂 Here's what the www says.... Based on the popular Tone Hammer pedal, this superlight bass head combines 3 bands of flexible EQ, a colorful Drive control, and 500 watts of power in a 4 lb. package. The Tone Hammer 500 will give you the legendary Aguilar Sound while still fitting into the accessory pouch of most gig bags make this the perfect choice for bass players on the go. TONE HAMMER® 500 FEATURES Power Output: 500 watts into 4 ohms, 250 watts into 8 ohms Preamp Section: Solid State Power Section: Class D Transformer: Switching mode power supply (SMPS) EQ Section: Bass: +/- 17 dB @ 40 Hz Mid Level: +/- 16 dB Mid Frequency: 180 Hz – 1 kHz Treble: +/- 14 dB @ 4 kHz Drive Control: Fully adjustable, featuring Aguilar’s proprietary AGS (adaptive gain shaping) circuit Effects Loop: Series operation. Adds 6 dB of additional gain, making it useful for a broad range of effects units. Inputs: One 1/4″ input jack, compatible with all active and passive basses Speaker Outputs: Two Neutrik Speakon speaker outputs Balanced Output: XLR balanced output with pre/post EQ and ground lift switch Tuner output Cooling: Two high-quality whisper fans with thermal speed control Dimensions: 10.75”W X 8.5”D X 2.75”H Warranty: Three year limited Optional: Durable carrying bag
  3. Cabs price drop £425 each less than half the new price! What’s not to like?
  4. Used my new RM500 with 210 and 115 RM cabs last night for the first time and I'm well chuffed! Finally I have the sound and portability I have been craving for with little or no compromise in tone. One happy Ashdown user! 🙂 😮 🙂
  5. No longer looking for trades but can now post out at buyers cost.
  6. All working in original box just missing one of the little rubber feet Price includes postage so grab yourself a bargain
  7. No longer required top quality Roqsolid cover fits Ashdown ABM600 evo IV and May fur others. 5mm padding and cable flap included. Brand new never fitted over £50.00 new from Roqsolid so grab yourself an early Christmas present.
  8. Yes so I noticed. It sounds the business I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a sound that is so close to the ABM kit. Now I need to protect my investment with some covers. Any recommendations? oh, forgot to mention but I will be posting a couple of Ashdown ABM goodies in the for sale forum shortly as they are now no longer required.😁
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