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  1. Awesome instruments. Good luck with the sale
  2. If it has no reverse tunners it could be a non-export model. These non-export were done for the japanesse market. Excellent quality anyway
  3. I have seen something interesting for sale. Therefore, until what I am looking for it is available, I am open to listen reasonable cash offers.
  4. Hi Geoff, Indeed, the screws were out of the scratchplate when I took the photo. Now they are back in to their place. In any case if someone is interested I could take more detailed pictures. No problem about that.
  5. You are right. I have updated my information. If you would like to get more info just let me know. Regards
  6. Thanks for your words Itsmedunc. Indeed, it is a great bass. Still available.
  7. I offer for trade my Squier JV precision. It comes in an non often seen olympic white. Everything is original but the pickguard. The original pickguard (white) would be included. I am open for trades, mainly for musicman. I do prefer natural finish and 4 strings but other colors and 5 strings are also wellcome. The bass is located in Madrid (Spain). Regards.
  8. Very smooth transaction. A pleasure to do business with you. Regards.
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    I just bougth another bass and I have no space left for more basses. Therefore, I am not interested in trades for basses any longer. Regards
  10. tolchoco


    Hello, Lakland is tempting but I am not interesed in 5 string basses. If I would play 5 I would, for sure, keep the Neuser. Thanks anyway. Still available
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    Another example of a Neuser in action. This time is the great Dominique di Piazza: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=q5mq_4btpXw
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    Thanks for the comments. Bump!
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