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  1. I’m in Teesside no new holes the original parts will go straight back on to the bass if anyone wanted to do that.
  2. Yes sorry my mistake 18 mm at bridge nut width 40mm. 😂
  3. Yes the 414 has a slimmer neck than the 1024x. The string spacing on the 414 is 18 mm at the nut.
  4. Yes if you wanted to arrange a courier to pick it up that’s fine. Mick
  5. The bass is in very good condition the tuners and bridge have been upgraded with Gotoh parts. Also the bass controls are now VVT but I still have all the original parts which are included in the sale the bass comes with a gig bag. The bass weighs 8 3/4 pounds.
  6. Finally decided to sell this one the bass has one tiny ding on the back otherwise I would of said mint condition. The bass weighs nine and a half pounds.
  7. Mint condition Gretsch LSB comes with a brand new Gretsch hard case £160. weight just under 8 lbs
  8. A really nice bb2000 has just gone up for sale on here. I don’t think it will be on for to long as they don’t come up for sale everyday. Unfortunately I’m all spent up bass wise for a while or it would have definitely been in my collection.
  9. The bass has been made into a fretless so it now has a epoxy coated ebony board.
  10. I might be trading my 1024x for one of my friends basses. But if for some reason the trade doesn’t work out I’m going to put it up for sale along with my Gretsch.
  11. These are my matching headstock basses.
  12. Very nice collection indeed
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