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  1. These are fantastic basses I have the same bass only in faded sonic blue with matching headstock it's one of the best Jazz basses I have ever played. I think Someone is going to be very happy when they play it.
  2. The 58 pickups are fantastic they tick all the boxes for me. If you want the James Jameron tone its there but for me it's the 60's 70's Rock tone I've always been after and these pickups nail it.
  3. Anyone stopping over and going for a few beers afterwards?
  4. No problem I'm looking forward to putting them in.
  5. I've decided on the Bareknuckle 58 pickups thanks for all the advice.
  6. What a beautiful collection that white jazz is gorgeous.
  7. Now they are nice 👍
  8. Can't believe this bass is still here if I hadn't already got one I would of snapped your hands off.
  9. I'm looking to put a set of new passive pickups in my p bass. Ive been told 58 Bareknuckle or 61 radioshop pickups are really good has anyone used these and what do you think?
  10. Exactly no Ashsdown, John East, rotosound, or Andy Baxter. Speaks volumes.
  11. No not really but there's only one JJ BURNEL and that's good enough for me but all I can do is keep trying 😀👍
  12. Hands down JJ Burnel for me the stranglers were the first band I went to see in 1977 when I was fifteen. I said to this man who was stood next to me what type of guitar is that ? And he answered a fender precision bass son and that was it for me. I saved up the money to buy a fender p bass black and maple of course £135 brand new I think. lve seen hundreds of bands over the years but JJ's sound has never been bettered IMO I've see the stranglers dozens of times now and his sound still to this day flaws me. i spoke to JJ once and we discussed his sound he's big fan of British made products that's why he uses rotosound strings Ashdown amps and a John shuker Bass.
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