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  1. marleaux62


    Wow what a stunning bass and a bargain price for a marleaux signature. someone is going to be lucky. This won't be around for long.
  2. marleaux62

    Precision: black/maple c/w gig-bag Courier. £345

    Nice bass very JJ BURNEL.
  3. marleaux62

    sold****MTD 535 - 24 : ONLY TRADE

    That bass is off the scale.
  4. marleaux62

    Okay, so who here has twins?

    My matching pair of Marleaux basses.
  5. marleaux62

    Marlaeux 4s bass

    Wow what a fantastic looking bass.
  6. marleaux62

    Mono gig bags

    Hi I'm going to bass direct next week to take a look at them both. at the moment the Vertigo with the tick 2 could be the winner it gives me the option to have the bag with or without the storage. Tanks for all the advice.
  7. marleaux62

    Mono gig bags

    I think the vertigo gig bag with a tick2 bag as a add on could be an option.
  8. marleaux62

    Mono gig bags

    Thanks I'll check that out.
  9. marleaux62

    Mono gig bags

    I'm looking to buy a mono gig bag but can't decide between the M80 or the vertigo.
  10. marleaux62

    Fretless Porn

    My bass
  11. marleaux62

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    One has just sold on eBay for £119 with a mono gig bag same as Scott's .
  12. marleaux62

    Show us your sunbursts

    That 66 looks fantastic
  13. marleaux62

    London bass stores.

    I get to London a couple of times a year and always go to the gallery the best shop in town if you're after a high end bass.
  14. marleaux62


    This is my Bravewood jazz
  15. marleaux62

    Show us your sunbursts

    My jazz I