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  1. Sorry I didn’t see the VAT all I saw was the £769 thought it was cheap.
  2. If anyone is looking to buy a bb Peter Hook thomann are selling them for £769 and they are saying Avilable immediately.
  3. Are you only interested in Hollow body basses trade wise?
  4. If someone say bought a Wal bass new on 1980 for a few hundred and is now selling it for £3000 that’s fine if that’s what it’s worth. My problem is when someone buys today because it’s cheap and next week it’s being sold again for a big profit.
  5. Personally it doesn’t really bother me if I’ve bought something and I’m happy with the price and someone has made a little profit. That’s fine in my book but some peoples mark up is ridiculous. Especially when they are buying something just to spin and make a profit on and that means somebody missing out on an item they really want.
  6. Quite shocked at the prices now I thought around the £700 mark. Saying that bb3000 are now selling for around £1200.
  7. Look on Reverb there’s two for sale one is natural and the other is sunburst.
  8. Very nice indeed I Really like these heads and cabs I think they look and sound absolutely fantastic. A good price for a great setup I wish I had the cash spare I would love this.
  9. There’s someone on eBay asking £950 for a 1025x I don’t think they cost that much when they were new.
  10. If you’re never plan on selling the bass then make it the bass that makes you happy. But if you think you might sell it at some point in time I would leave it alone.
  11. Has anyone put them on the the new bbph bass yet?
  12. You could also take a look at the BB1024x
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