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  1. My Old Smoothie and my PDN Neptune Blue.
  2. Like I said you can never have enough basses just not enough money to buy them all. I know it’s an addiction but I’m not looking to be cured of it any time soon I hope 🤞
  3. You can never have to many basses 😁
  4. Yes it’s a starry night sorry about the one jazz but it’s the only one I have left.
  5. I can’t decide decide the thee I like best so here’s some different combinations.
  6. My Epiphone Jack Casady with a Babicz bridge.
  7. Don’t get me started on collecting more basses Andy👍😂
  8. Just taken a group shot of my p basses
  9. I quite like it with the pick guard on at the moment. But it does look very nice with it off as well.
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