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  1. marleaux62


    My latest jazz
  2. Now that's one nice looking p bass and at a good price. i don't think this will be around for long.
  3. Absolute bargain someone should buy this they won't regret it.
  4. A good ampeg b100 are getting harder to find now I will never sell mine.
  5. I have one of these it's a great combo that sounds fantastic and it's a lot louder than you think.
  6. marleaux62


    My custom shop jazz faded sonic blue .
  7. Not usually a fan of green basses but I have to say that looks very nice indeed.
  8. These are fantastic basses I have the same bass only in faded sonic blue with matching headstock it's one of the best Jazz basses I have ever played. I think Someone is going to be very happy when they play it.
  9. The 58 pickups are fantastic they tick all the boxes for me. If you want the James Jameron tone its there but for me it's the 60's 70's Rock tone I've always been after and these pickups nail it.
  10. No problem I'm looking forward to putting them in.
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