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  1. If he can figure which board, might be a really generic board.
  2. I found GS cabs scooped in the upper mid, plenty of beefy midbass though, sounded massive when I was using a low A.
  3. Probably need to solder that stuff, but you don't need to do whole seals just enough its all electrically connected, I usually do a smear of solder where three pieces meet.
  4. Taking off the strings is the way. Something is wrong with the bass if this effects the action when you put them back as they were (or the strings are long past their best).
  5. [quote name='joeystrange' timestamp='1383039947' post='2259299'] Or, if you happen to be making a trip down South at any point soon, take it straight to Marshall in Milton Keynes. [/quote] Had a chap bring me his 'all valve' marshall, but it was one of those JVM410H ridiculous complication jobs. Something wrong on the input section but so much density of components no way of finding what it was. I checked all the valves, power ones all fine, few dud pres, but swapping in good ones didn't fix. So he took it to Marshall, who found the dud thing that made it not work and replaced, that's fine, £30 job. His bill also included a full set of new power valves at retail price.
  6. [quote name='Damonjames' timestamp='1383453691' post='2264612'] I have heard this before, but I struggle to understand it. I get the theory in that the two different size cones don't move/respond at same speeds, but if that so, why are there so many people using a 410+115 option? [/quote] Same reason a lot of people eat McDonalds, buying with eyes because shiny adverts and not using sense appropriate to the subject matter. If you biamp, each speaker set is getting different frequency bands so they don't interfere. But sounds like you aren't thinking of biamping, but rather using two amps covering the same frequency band, which gives even more potential for mess, once you know enough to sort that mess out, you know why to not make it in the first place.
  7. Cool, have you noticed the gain level is any different now?
  8. [quote name='sebastian' timestamp='1383427101' post='2264464'] - comparing to the GK Fusion 550 - even though both are suppose to run at 350W @ 8 ohms it was NOT delivering as much volume as GK with the same gain and volume position and with the flat EQ - really strange as I've also read about it a few times people were complaining about it not being very loud. [/quote] Knob position doesn't relate to much, and flat eq and knobs in the middle are two totally different things.
  9. Mixing a 4x10 and 1x15 gives an unpredictable result, so can't really make recommendations regarding it other than don't, and instead get a cab you do like the sound of, and add more until loud enough.
  10. Depends on the 12s, I don't know anything about the 12 you have specifically, but jsudge for the sound and not volume, and having two is more volume. A Barefaced 2x12 might well do everything you need, but no experience with new line.
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