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  1. That looks great matey. Well done
  2. Quite fancy reading a review on some of your stuff dave. So have just subscribed to BGM. Do you know of any more reviews on the horizon? Cheers
  3. There do seem to be a fair few bassists from this area on here. Personally, i'm in hanley swan Welcome
  4. So, I presume this is one of those where they send you a cheque that is for "too much" and ask you to refund the difference?
  5. BlueBear missed mine out so I shall put it back in again +4 =778
  6. [quote name='jimbartlett' post='95952' date='Nov 29 2007, 08:13 AM']This may be a stupid question but would this work....? The Korg DTR-1000 rack tuner has a mute button on the front panel. If this was in the effects loop of the Little Mark: i) would you be able to use the tuner? ii) would pressing the mute button mute the sound to your amp for silent tuning? Thanks, Jim.[/quote] The effect loop on the mark bass amps is wired in parallel so no it wouldn't kill the sound.
  7. Hi, I have just got my first proper job so I know I am going to be staying in the area now. I think It's a good time to look for a band I'm 21, have been playing 6 years, and have done quite a bit of gigging in the Worcestershire area and in Cardiff. I also play viola and trombone! I would say I'm very musical. I also sing. I have my own gear and transport. I'm looking for a band of people who aren't wanting to be the next big thing touring the world, but who are determined to get gigs and play out regularly. Would ideally like to be in an originals band but would consider anything if it's fun! There are some styles of music I'm not in to, but then there are bands who are exceptions to that rule who I would play with, so anything considered really. Also, If anyone knows of any good websites where Worcestershire types go to look for musicians I would be grateful to hear of those too. Just give me a PM here Thanks Nick
  8. Money Still sound check with it too
  9. [quote name='silverfoxnik' post='92481' date='Nov 22 2007, 12:28 AM']The use of the A/B box is a good idea too but some of these units can add something unwanted to your sound, as I understand it..[/quote] They are just a switch with three jack plugs connected to it! Don't see how that can change your sound
  10. Why not just use an A/B box. It means two cables in to the back of the rack but you only need the switch down by the foot of the amp so the cables wont be too long. It won't affect your sound at all and will mute the amp.
  11. Girls aloud - sound of the underground. Try it!
  12. Glad it makes sense. It's more of an observation than a suggestion. I can't really think of a way around it either, and obviously its only a couple of bars before you "get it".
  13. Really loving your band! Only thing I would say about the recording is maybe right at the beginning when it is just the guitar riff the hi hat could be a little louder. The first time I listened I didn't get the timing of the riff until the rest of the band came in. And it's such an awesome riff! TBH I would probably not really want the hi-hat there keeping time, but on second listening I got a more immediate kick from the song knowing how the riff fits. Did that make sense?
  14. [url="http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/page/shop/flypage/product_id/16018"]http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/page/shop/fl...roduct_id/16018[/url] These are quite cool. You can't get much volume out of them but they make a bass audible over acoustic guitars etc. But, take the amplifier part of out it and bung a jack socket on it, then pair with a BFM omni 10.5 and...... It's an awesome mini rig
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