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  1. Virtually as new Fender Rumble 4x10 cab. Removable castors. 4 Eminence designed speakers, lightweight unit, 1000watts, 8 ohm, one loud cab ! Collection from Brentwood.
  2. If you give me your full address and mobile number, I’ll get a quote. i know from experience the insurance is quite expensive but will not send it without it, is that ok ? Kind regards, Steve
  3. Sorry, looking for sale, regards, Steve
  4. Sorry I thought you were asking just the Kappalite speaker wattage on its own which is rated at 450 watts, the cab is rated at 900 watts. The weight is between 36/37 lbs according to my scales and that’s as near as I can get it, Regards, Steve
  5. 450 watts @ 8 ohms as far as I know, talk to http://trickyaudio.com/wp/ they should be able to help, ask for Guy, kind regards, Steve
  6. http://trickyaudio.com/wp/enclosures/ Hope this answers your questions, kind regards, Steve
  7. I would say around 10lb approx, it’s not overly heavy, kind regards, Steve
  8. Hi, no still available, regards, Steve
  9. Greenboy Fearless F112 cab, Eminence Kappalite, immaculate condition, 3 months old, complete with Roksolid cover, anyone who knows about these, knows how great they are, only selling to fund another project, collection from Brentwood.
  10. Hi Robgo, I’m in Brentwood Essex, Regards, Steve
  11. Bergantino Forte 700 [email protected] 4 ohms 800 [email protected] 2ohms Immaculate Condition, 1 year old, kept in a hard case. lovely amp, does it all .
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