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  1. Please remove

  2. [quote name='T-Bay' timestamp='1494151376' post='3293615'] I don't suppose you would be interested in a trade of a tc dark matter and some cash your way for the Fredric unpleasant companion. [/quote] Thanks for the offer but this one is now sold
  3. SOLD

    Price dropped, grab a bargain!
  4. feedback for lapolpora!!!

    I recently sold a bass to Derrick. Flawless transaction and always quick to reply to messages Would highly recommend.
  5. SOLD

    Sale fell through so this one is available again. Price dropped to £900.
  6. [b]Edit: Most pedals now sold. I'm open to trades and offers [/b] I'm selling a bunch of effects that aren't getting much use. [color=#222222] [/color]All prices include UK P&P (signed for delivery). Give me a shout if you've got any questions. Cheers! [font=inherit]Digitech Whammy IV - [s]£55 [/s][b]£50[/b][/font] The setting selector dial only works in one direction (anti-clockwise) as I think the previous owner knocked the dial, works absolutely fine though. [font=inherit]Boss XT-2 Xtortion - [s]£65 [/s][b]£60[/b][/font] Early Deftones guitar vibes. A few paint chips but overall excellent condition for a 20 year old pedal. [s]Frederic Effects Unpleasant Companion (fuzz) - £50 [b]£45[/b] As new condition.[/s] [s]Frederic Effects Green Russian (fuzz) - £55 As new condition.[/s] [s][font=inherit]Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor - £30[b] £25[/b][/font] Great condition.[/s] [s][font=inherit]Catalinbread Serrano Picoso (clean boost) - £55[/font][/s] [s][font=inherit]MXR Phase 90 - £50 [b]£45[/b][/font] [font=inherit]As new condition.[/font][/s]
  7. [b]Edit: Price drop! Now [u]£70[/u] for a great pedalboard in tip-top condition. [/b] I recently switched to a hardcase version of a PedalTrain board so this one is up for sale. PedalTrain Pro SC. [s]£90. £80 [/s]£70 Price includes courier shipping in mainland UK. If you want to collect from Leeds then I'll knock some £££ off the price. Well looked after. Pedalboard is in great condition, just a few minor marks here and there. Fully velcro'd up and will throw in some hook-side velcro. Soft case has a few scuffs and some wear to underside, works absolutely fine though.
  8. SOLD

    Back to tha top! A few folks have messaged me about shipping this bass abroad, with the suggestion of shipping it in a gig bag. I've had a look into this and I'm not up for shipping it long distances without the hardcase, but the snag is that the hardcase ain't light! Suffice to say, shipping this bass abroad is not cheap. Happy to drive to meet half way - I also travel all over the country a reasonable amount for work and gigs.
  9. SOLD

    Thanks guys!
  10. SOLD

    [b]SOLD[/b] Hi folks, I'm selling my Warwick Streamer Stage I. I custom ordered this bass from Warwick in 2006. The differences compared to a stock Stage I are the ebony fretboard, black hardware and a drop D tuner. I'm gutted to be selling this bass, it's a really great player but it's not getting used. It's recently had a setup with 45-105 D'Addario ProSteels. - Stage I 4 string - MEC active preamp - Ebony fretboard - Flamed maple body - AAA flamed maple neck - Black hardware - Also comes with strap locks, original Warwick hardcase and the Warwick User Kit (wax, trussrod tool, allen keys, user manual). I've even got the original tags that say it was born on 20/11/2006. This bass has been well looked after and is in excellent condition. There's a some very light belt buckle marks on the back of the bass a few marks on the front from plectrum use, but these are very minor and I couldn't them get into a picture. Welcome to pop by my place in Leeds to try it out, or I can meet part way on a drive. Due to the hardcase being one of the heavy duty Warwick kind it will be costly to ship, so I'd prefer not to courier, but I'm sure we could sort this out if needed. Let me know if you want any more pics. In the unusual case that anyone has a Barefaced Big Twin 2 they're looking to trade I would be interested, otherwise I'm just looking to sell. Cheers Ed [attachment=237924:thumb_IMG_0187_1024.jpg]
  11. Best Octave Pedal For Bass

    It's a tough one because you can get all sorts of different tones out of various octave pedals. I run 3 on my board, two of which at the Micro Pog and the Bass Whammy. I tend to use the Pog a lot, but I make use of the blend on it so it sounds a bit more organic. The Whammy is my go to for much more full on octave tones. If you're not after the intervals I don't imagine you're going to get much use from the Whammy though.