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  1. Cheers! We are indeed based in Leeds. We've played with Blacklisters a few times in Leeds and managed to convince Billy to join us on vocals when we played Berlin the year before last, we've played with TSPSI in London and Bristol and we've sort of played with FOTL if playing the same festivals counts (ATG and Wrong fest). To be fair we don't play loads of Leeds gigs though, probably 4 or 5 a year for the last few years.
  2. Some more album related videos from the launch gig back in December. It's a pretty rough and ready recording, but came out alright considering it was just one of those Zoom handheld recorders capturing the audio.
  3. Here's the final song we recorded in the album live sessions.
  4. Album release day 😁 Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/2UmTIvN Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2rrFj41
  5. Another new session track has just gone up, the full album will be available from Friday in all the usual places.
  6. Here's another track from our recent session. It's an older one that's been re-worked for the album.
  7. We've just released a second track from the album, here's the video -
  8. We've just posted the first of four new live sessions online -
  9. We've just put album pre-orders online for vinyl and other bits and bobs! https://igg.me/at/irk/x/19438525
  10. Thanks! The previously recorded stuff was all DI'd, with most of the tone coming from a Warwick Thumb into a Fuzzrocious Demon or Rat Tail running into a Rusty Box, then various octave pedals blended in. Lots of the bass parts are double tracked on the recordings. The newest track has more mic'd cab tones, but there's still DI'd bass all through it.
  11. This was fun to record as I get lots of room to play with my bass sound in this trio. There will be an album following later in the year if this is your cuppa tea!
  12. Damn this is a cool sounding pedal! Really helpful discussion in that thread. Thing is, I wasn't in the market for a synth pedal, but now I am... 😅
  13. Has anyone ordered a pedal with the octave jawn option yet? Mighty tempted to order a Cat King with this option as it'd put 2 of the effects I use most into one unit.
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