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Basses going unplayed

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Of the five basses I own there are two that haven't gotten much attention for the couple of years, the Callowhill MPB and the Acinonyx, but I have no intention of moving them on. The Callowhill was my main bass when I was playing full time, and the builder (Tim Cloonan) died about a year after I got it. Despite the fact I have been asked to name my price on a couple of occasions there are too many memories tied up in it to sell. And I just like the Acinonyx. I got it for about half what they go for now and I like the very particular thing it does (which is exactly why it doesn't get played much!)


I keep the basses I like and sell the ones I don't.

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The way I've found it works for me is that as soon as I've caught myself giving serious thought to moving a piece of gear on, it's pretty much inevitable that it's going; I just wouldn't be thinking about it in those terms otherwise so there's little point delaying other than to wait for a more favourable market. Sure, I've regretted a few things that have left, but it's always been so many years later that the likelihood of them actually being how I remember them is slim, and there's no way I'd have stored them for that long anyway.

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Play them!

I've got a couple more than I 'need' but they all get played - I rotate them and find myself thinking "This is a lovely Bass, I should play this more often" whenever I play any of them!

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On 30/03/2024 at 09:19, OliverBlackman said:

Until you need cash or space. If you don’t need either, then keep them because you never know when you might fall in love with them again. 

This is probably the correct answer. Unless you're absolutely certain that you don't want or need it, and you can afford to do so, hang onto it. I've got one for sale at the moment that I only had a day before putting it up in the Marketplace. I didn't really want it in the first place but I won an eBay auction that I didn't expect to, and I felt it would have been a dick move on my part to not pay for it, so I know I won't look back in regret if it goes. 

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