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Beginner Bass for mostly dirty alt rock/post punk tones, leaning J&D


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I'm based in Ireland(so EU friendly suggestions only) recently decided to pick up a bass as I've been searching for an instrument I might vibe with better than guitar which I've struggled to learn, and having played a bunch of Basses recently it's a lot of fun even if only as a "stim" instrument(I'm autistic) since it's a bit more tactile than guitar.

My favourite bassist is probably Natsuko from Mass of Fermenting Dregs


I'm not stuck on one specific genre but noisy alt rock like the above, Doom, 80s goth & shoegaze(Cocteau Twins moreso than Slowdive) would maybe be what I'm playing, though I like the idea of trying to learn slap bass too, fun video game songs like City Escape.

I also really like the Bass tones on the original Gorillaz album, Peaking Lights and some oldschool stuff like Fleetwood Mac.

I'm really fixated on aesthetics atm, largely because I said if I ever got another guitar, it'd be a green one, and luckily there are some decent options for Surf Green at the cheaper end of things these days, which has really grown on me. Burgundy Mist(or flat out purple/violet that's not too saturated) is the other colour I've always wanted an instrument in.

I'm leaning more towards Jazz Bass in part because of Natsuko's tone which is my ideal bass sound, but also after watching a bunch of videos and playing and comparing, I like the more open sound of a Jazz Bass, but if I decide I mesh with Bass I'll definitely get a P-Bass I can leave at my parents, so I can play BASS Wherever I go.

Having something a bit different would be neat too, though, I've been looking at the HB JJ Open Pour models as they're pretty swanky while still having that JB sound.

I put together a doc with the Basses that interested me in their budget:


I may also get a Bass amp at some point - I saw a couple of Demos of people using the Fender Rumbles as a Guitar Amp which is really interesting to me, I guess it was modelled on a Bassman type sound. I already have a Nux Mighty Plug - funnily enough the coolest bass sound I got on that was on the AC30 model(using my friends early 80s Fender Jazz Bass), I can also reformat my Zoom G1x Four as the bass model if need be - I have some Bass friendly pedals already, particularly the Fuzzrocious Lil Fella, and a Digitech Bass Synth Wah.

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When I started out I was given one piece of advice, buy a bass that makes you want to play - and spend as much as you can on it. 


I know bass prices are crazy atm, but I think this advice still holds true. Learning any instrument is hard (particularly once past the teenage years), and if you have a really nice instrument you will be more inclined to continue the learning journey & not give up at the early hurdles (there are many)


Plus if you splash on a 2nd hand usa/mex Fender you will get all your money back if you decide to sell... A cheap Harley Benton, you'll struggle to sell for half what you pay

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Hi @Roseweave Welcome... 

What do you think of this? I must say i've been tempted, but have too many already.

Ticks some of your boxes...

Budget, P Bass, Simple, Surf Green, EU Frendly... sign up and get a fiver off...


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