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Source Audio - One Series - Midi (Aftershock)


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Howdy all. 


I like how my Aftershock sounds & the range of tones I get out of it, but like many people I've heard, the 3 switches and preset mode don't cut it. The amount of times I've left it in the wrong mode or the wrong dial positions... 


I'm keen to hear if anyone has gone down the midi controller + hub route and stuck with it for live use?


My pedalboard has a B3N on it, which is great in many ways, but the Aftershock is better in many ways for achieving the driven tones I want. If only more Aftershock presets were easily accessible in a live situation. 


I'm in a covers band where we play a range of rock with a good range of tones. I'm thinking of Motorhead, Audio slave, Muse. 


I realise there's a strong chance the audience won't care, the B3N would be fine or a core set of tones would be the way to go l, but hey 😁



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