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Case For A 32" Bass

Frank Blank

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My 32" short-scale ACG is a lovely thing, however, in my experience it is the one scale length that is incredibly difficult to find a good case/gigbag for. Any recommendations for such from any 32" bass owners would be much appreciated. If it helps this is the bass in question.

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I looked into a bag for my 32" scale Squier P and ended up with a Gruvgear Gigblade Edge, the guitar model, not the bass one.

The Edge is the basic, slimline version of their one-shoulder design, which I like a lot. The length measurements are on their website; the Squier just about fits with a few mm to spare. 

I got it half price from Kytary but would think twice at the full £100 as there isn't enough wear protection on the bottom edge IMO for serious schlepping on public transport. 

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