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Jazz Bass Deluxe USA preamp swap?


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3 hours ago, bubinga5 said:

Where did you get that Audere from.?

Got mine over a decade ago when the UK/US exchange rate was ridiculously good. Ordered it straight from Audere and they sent it over. Don’t know if they still ship internationally. However, I think Bass Direct do them.

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On 11/09/2021 at 00:22, TrevorR said:

Big big fan of the Audere preamps. Got one in my Frankenjazz. Really well voiced with a distinct lack of unmusical settings. Definitely one to put on your shortlist. Mine is the three band Z series which allows you to load the pickups differently for different core tones with a little toggle switch. Mine came mounted on a plate with solderless connectors. So simple to install.


Hey , where did you buy the preamp ? 🙄

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Sorted...Darkglass Tone Capsule + Dimarzio Model J pick ups all tied together by @KiOgon in a jazz bass chrome plate...


It's sounding very promising through my practice amp, really looking forward to giving it a blast at rehearsal later this week.


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Another vote for the Audere. 


I have a 1997 and 2000 us deluxe jazz and swapped out the preamps about 10 years ago. 


I have v/v 2 band in one bass and v/b 3 band in another. 


Very useable frequency range on the eq, the bass adds a real thump to the sound, treble adds brightness, but not harshness and the mid pushes preamp nicely to add some grit. 


The passive tone is probably what I use most. 


The 3 way z switch is also useful.  Solder free.  Took me <15 minutes to fit

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