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Aguilar DB410 4ohm Replacement Drivers (WinISD)


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HI all


Does anyone have that WinISD program who could spec me some new drivers for my 4ohm Aguilar DB410 cabinet?


The stock drivers are rather poor, a couple are rattly and I think I will replace all four.


The Aguilar replacements are both hard to source and expensive so I would be interested in alternatives from reputable speaker manufacturers.


Thanks in advance!



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In order to find drivers with similar specs to the Aggy drivers one must have the specs of the Aggy drivers. In order to find drivers with different specs that still work well one must have the complete dimensions of the cabinet interior, including the port if there is one. Having a 4 ohm load complicates matters, as you'd have to use either 4 or 16 ohm drivers, which limits driver choices.

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Before you start this think about what you are trying to achieve. Is this to repair a cab which seems to be damaged or a restoration of something you love? Maybe you want to upgrade it?


The thing is that there is only one way of making this like new and that is replacing the original drivers. There are probably a lot of substitutes that will work perfectly well in your cab but they will all sound different from the original drivers. For some it might ba a subtle difference and for others it could be dramatically different. WinISD is about the bass response and it is quite possible to get something close to the response you currently have but the response of speakers at the top end varies a lot  and the computer modelling wont help there. This cab has a tweeter and crossover and that complicates the matching process. The moment you change the speakers you don't have an Aggy you have a box with different speakers and a different sound that looks like an Aggy. It could sound better or worse of course.


The first thing is to say is that speakers don't usually rattle when they are ****ed. Rattle sounds like something is loose in the cab. Maybe the speakers aren't properly tightened down any more or a joint has broken which could be re-glued. Maybe a lead has come loose and is rattling against the speaker? We can talk you through trying to fix it if you want?


The original speakers might be expensive but if you only have to replace a couple might be cheaper than four new ones. Four Eminence Deltas would set you back £360 for example. You can get European made speakers cheaper but not by much if you want good quality. 


Generally speaking it's as cheap or cheaper to trade in a cab and buy a used cab than to do a speaker swap, changing speakers is likely to reduce the value of your cab over keeping it original so long as it is in good working order.


If you just fancy a project then that is great, we can talk about what you are trying to achieve and try and find something to suit. I'd try and fix the cab first though.

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