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Singer wanted, Kent


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I'm a bass player, many years experience, and have been in a classic rock covers band for the last year with a terrific guitarist and an amazing ex-pro drummer - we're very tight/gig ready but we just don't seem to be able to recruit a singer up to the job or willing to commit.

Anyone out there who fancies a bit of serious fun and who loves classic rock repertoire?

We rehearse in studios in Canterbury.


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Hey mate, why don’t you sing and I’ll come and play bass :)

All joking aside, which studios are you rehearsing at, I’m in Canterbury also and we’re fast running out of studios here :(

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If anyone knows a decent singer in the area who is looking for a new band, please will you pass this on?

(just spoke to our guitarist who reckons he's better that 'terrific')

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We've been going with the current line up of guitar, bass and drums for a year and for most of that time we had a brilliant singer - however he's left us to resume a pro-touring career which had been curtailed by lockdown (we knew this would happen sooner or later). So we are looking to replace him. As for choosing a name, it hasn't been a high priority as we haven't yet put out any publicity - but we're currently calling ourselves 'Slow Burn' - which is turning out to be prophetic! 

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we're still looking. Auditioned about half a dozen since my last posting, sadly none cut the mustard for one reason or another.

Is it asking too much to find someone that ticks these five boxes:

  • a bit of charisma
  • a decent range
  • a bit of raw power
  • reliable
  • gets 'em in while we're setting up

no. 5 obvs being the critical one.


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