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Wilkinson WJM MM Pickup Questions

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HI all,

I've purchased a Wilkinson WJM pickup to go into my Sterling SB14. It will replace the active system.

Previous thread about this here: 


Basically, it's a Stingray type pickup, but the bridge-side coil is "jazz" style - which appeals to me for reasons I won't bore you with. (okay, it's the Jaco thing 😄 )

Info about these pickups is scant, but there is a wiring diagram for the Fretking Esprit bass, which features this pickup. See diagram attached.

I suppose my question is about what they call the "vari coil" knob, which gradually rolls ONE of the coils off to ground.

So, why does that need the dual-gang pot shown?? 



fretking esprit wiring.pdf

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Yes, it's really odd. The pickup has arrived today, and at least the wiring colours seem to match with what was found on that previous thread.

Just need to decide how I want to wire it up now!

Assuming a master tone (a la Jazz bass) there are a few options:

1) Separate volume pot for each coil

2) Blend pot with centre detent and master volume knob

3) Jazz coil always on, with pot to bring the MM coil in or out, plus a master volume

4) MM coil always on, with pot to bring the jazz coil in or out, plus a master volume

5) Perhaps a series parallel switch to change the sound when both coils are being used....


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