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  1. Ive just put one of these in my bass, in a "jazz" style setup. Only thing i found was that the thin red wire was the MM coil hot, and the thin black wire was the JAZZ coil hot (opposite to stated above) Sounds really good though - jazz coil only with the tone rolled off for that Jaco-esque tone, MM coil only with open tone for a more P bass sound, and both coils for a 'Ray sound. I love it! 🙂
  2. Im thinking I may as well keep the active circuit in the SB14 and just swap the pickup in. Then ive got Vol/Bass/Mid/Treble and a switch that goes series, parallel and single coil.
  3. Did you wire the coils in series or parallel?
  4. Yes, it's really odd. The pickup has arrived today, and at least the wiring colours seem to match with what was found on that previous thread. Just need to decide how I want to wire it up now! Assuming a master tone (a la Jazz bass) there are a few options: 1) Separate volume pot for each coil 2) Blend pot with centre detent and master volume knob 3) Jazz coil always on, with pot to bring the MM coil in or out, plus a master volume 4) MM coil always on, with pot to bring the jazz coil in or out, plus a master volume 5) Perhaps a series parallel switch to change the sound when both coils are being used.... WWYD?
  5. HI all, I've purchased a Wilkinson WJM pickup to go into my Sterling SB14. It will replace the active system. Previous thread about this here: Basically, it's a Stingray type pickup, but the bridge-side coil is "jazz" style - which appeals to me for reasons I won't bore you with. (okay, it's the Jaco thing 😄 ) Info about these pickups is scant, but there is a wiring diagram for the Fretking Esprit bass, which features this pickup. See diagram attached. I suppose my question is about what they call the "vari coil" knob, which gradually rolls ONE of the coils off to ground. So, why does that need the dual-gang pot shown?? Regards, Jim fretking esprit wiring.pdf
  6. I totally get that. BUT 🙂 I'm not the world's best bassist, and thus my clients are not the world's best mixers. I think back to when I was doing a lot of mixing. I always struggled getting a bass sound that I liked, or that would sit nicely. Conversely, when I practiced my mixing skills using downloaded multitracks I found that the bass was pretty bloody amazing right off the bat. There was something in the way that they'd tracked the bass that made it so much easier to work with. And I don't necessarily mean that it sounded tons better soloed, just that there were much less in the way of issues to "fix" before it would sit right. If I can offer a bit more of that for my clients, I'll be happy.
  7. Hi all, I seem to be getting asked to record bass parts for people, and so I'm wanting to improve my recording setup to give the client a better end result that doesn't need too much processing at their end. I play a Sterling SB14 with flats, and it's generally a fingerstyle funk sort of style. I currently go straight into my interface. It's acceptable, but it's not great. So, ideally, I'd like something that at least has EQ and a cabsim output. If it has a compressor just to catch the peaks, then so much the better. I don't need it to have a drive channel, or be switchable etc etc. Been looking at all the usual suspects, but not all seem to have cabsim and/or compressor. Perhaps that's because I really don't NEED those? Tell me if so 🙂 I welcome your suggestions, Jim
  8. You're more than likely going to run out of bass headroom with only 50 of those 2000w.
  9. Bought a Kala UBass off Aidan. Took great photos and sent it out quickly - packaged like the crown jewels! Top seller, couldnt be happier. Cheers mate!
  10. Seems like most solid bodied uke basses have disappeared!
  11. Yes, it's almost the same as the Mahalo, and for around the same price. Except the Ashbury has an ugly step on the rear of the neck joint, whereas the mahalo looks to be smoothed in. Apart from that and the headstock shape they look ideantical.
  12. Going to be picky now and say I never really fancied a black one! (no pleasing some people is there!) The Goldtone is nice, but bloody expensive. The U-Bass Sub model was on Thomann for less that £300 for a while, IIRC Having watched a bunch of comparison videos, I will probably end up going for the Mahalo one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mahalo-STN2031B-Solid-Electric-Ukulele/dp/B01EUG1KMQ/ref=pd_aw_sbs_267_1/258-4165973-7730718?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01EUG1KMQ&pd_rd_r=017d86d6-a33f-4c75-aa35-c342d9861f27&pd_rd_w=WO6Kd&pd_rd_wg=8dg7L&pf_rd_p=15216146-4434-47f5-99d9-56240c85bf4d&pf_rd_r=8GX763J1854TWPXEMZF0&psc=1&refRID=8GX763J1854TWPXEMZF0 The comparison vids make it quite clear that they all sound fairly similar, but it's the technique you use that can make them sound GOOD. I guess Kala have just stopped importing?
  13. You and me both! 🙂 Thomann only stock 28 bass ukes now, and not one is solid bodied. Cant work it out!
  14. And not a single solidbody Ubass for sale in the UK on eBay at all - new OR secondhand! Thomann don't even have them any more!
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