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TC RS210 2x10 Rebelstack Bass Cabs x2 inc covers Reduced £450 pair
Blyth, Northumberland

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I've had this pair of cabs some years now and I have LOVED the tone and stackability of them.  You really have to applaud the design that allows drivers to be arrayed vertically like that.  I get that you can tip any cab on it's side but the handle arrangement etc mean this is how it should be done.  The benefit of having 4 drivers with the top one near head height as opposed to blow past your knees is the way it should be.  You can of course stack them on their side and it's advisable if you are going to use 3 of them (yes, I did have 3 of these cabs + the 1x12).

The weight is manageable and I've carried one cab in each hand from car park to venue but the benefit is when carried singly you can walk through door frames without whacking your knuckles... it's the little things that please me.

Cabs are rated 400w @ 8ohms each.  Eminence custom 10" drivers with 33mm voicecoil, titanium diaphragm.  Each cab has a tweeter control (tweeter built into the top driver).

W x H x D 356 x 664 x 356mm and 21kg / 46lb

Each cab has a genuine TC padded cover.

Condition if I am being brutal is average/good.  They do have scuffs, dings, scrapes etc but nothing major or structural (the pics are representative of their condition).  I've ran these with allsorts of amps from 120 valve amp to 1600w Blacksmith and they perform effortlessly.  These are not Neo drivers they are ceramic Eminence drivers and pack quite a punch... dare I use the 'H' word?  

Buy the matching TC Blacksmith amp as well and I'd do a deal on the lotIMG_20210507_095420115.thumb.jpg.324e75a5ca3d7ee6632c12800f2b214f.jpg.  

Trades - I'd never say never but PLEASE do not message me with bits of kit that I can clearly find on BC / eBay / FB for £200 and tell me it is worth £500, I'm not daft and I know how to search for relative values.  Likewise '1 off' custom orders that you may well have paid £3000 for but sadly the average bassist values at £500.  Sorry it is better if I'm just up front about it.

Vintage Warwick basses will always float my boat, likewise unusual esoteric brands.  I'm partial to a light weight bass so anything that you 'estimate' to be over 9lb (and will likely be 10lb+) isn't of interest.  Be sure to message me with offers and not directly on this thread.  I would be prepared to add money to a deal if it was something I wanted... an 88 Streamer Stage I would be nice.






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1 minute ago, glassmoon said:

Damn.... That's an excellent rig right there. The Blacksmith is insanely good and those cabs are super tight. 


I even have a contact (Walshy) who knows a man with van that can do very reasonable cost delivery.  ;)  


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