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SOLD! Sold: GK Fusion S 500

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Now £550.

I bought this in March last year as a replacement for an Aguilar TH350 which had replaced a Genz Magellan 800 which was itself a replacement of a Genz Benz Shuttle 6.2…

After much searching the GK was, I decided, “the one”. Just enough power to work with a pair of BF One10s, not that much that it wouldn’t work with just one of them and able to do 2 ohms if I needed to add a third. I liked the sound straight out the box with everything on 12 o’clock and loved that it could go dirty like the Tone Hammer or clean like the Genz.

So why sell?

Easy. I’m no longer gigging (on bass anyway) and this is far too good to be a practice amp. Plus I need the space. And the cash. 😀

It seems that Polar (the UK distributors) are the only people to have these in the UK at the moment and they’re over £800. Mine is in as-new condition, hasn’t seen any use apart from a few rehearsals and comes with the original box, manuals and foot switch.

You’re welcome to drop in and try before you buy or I can meet within a reasonable distance. I’m also heading to that there London in early June so that may give more options for a meet.

I’m also happy to pack and ship to established BC members within the UK - PM me with a rough location and I’ll get a quote.

More pics to follow but here’s a taster from the NAD thread I started;


Er, please note: Barefaced cab not included 


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On 22/05/2021 at 18:14, Woody1957 said:

A Mesa Subway D800 in as new condition...........although I'm waiting on something else at the moment.


A lovely amp but I sold one of those to get the GK so I’m afraid it’s a “no”. 😀


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2 hours ago, robo1717 said:

Hi mate . I'm interested in the amp,     I'm based in hoddesdon . Did you you used to gig with DS?

How much would it be with one of the cabs?


cheers  Rob

Hi Rob,

PM replied to - and yes, I used to gig with DS* (although never with this amp as I was still using the Genz Benz at the time).

BTW, the cabs are now both sold so I’ve taken that option off the advert.

*For the avoidance of doubt, this refers to Dakota Smile, a popular beat combo based in the Hertfordshire area and not, as some have supposed and despite all available evidence to the contrary, the well-known Geordie-centric rock outfit, Dire Straits.

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