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NBD Roscoe Century Std Five+ fretless


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Received today, from Bassdirect, my 50th birthday present, a tad late (I'm 51 next month!) because Bartolini have been stuffed by Covid. Mark has kept me up to date all the way through the process though, and I had a few offers of alternatives through the process. Just really wanted Barts in it.

Here are the specs:-

Century 5 + Fretless
•Spanish Cedar Body,
•Flamed Koa top
•Finish - Natural satin finish
•Three piece Maple neck with contrasting stringers
•Fingerboard - Lined Black Diamondwood (resin,
pressure impregnated wood)
•Graphtech nut
•35" Scale - 2 octave
•Bartolini 3-band pre amp with volume, pan, treble/bass
stack, mid/mid freq select push/pull (250/800hz)
•Bartolini JJ Pickup in the JB position
•Black ultralight Gotoh tuners
•Black Hipshot B style bridge in Aluminium

Sounds absolutely fantastic! Feels incredible to play, silky smooth neck. A tiny bit heavier than my Century Standard fretted, but in the same ballpark.

Love how it looks though!

Colour me chuffed :D




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45 minutes ago, 51m0n said:

I think the neighbours may have gone off me - turns out they aren't very keen on Sledgehammer (probably fairly badly) through a Barefaced BigTwin until the windows rattle...

Oops :D


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