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Tempo control for two pedals at once

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As per the title, really. 

Supposing I might want to control the (tap) tempo of two separate pedals or multi fx at the same time, would it be possible to use a mono to 2 mono splitter cable from my Boss FS5U into the 2 fx units?

That way, for example,  I can preserve the integrity of the delay on both halves of the Chapman Stick without re-combining the signals. Means I can use separate amp models and EQs, too whilst keeping things like Flangers etc. in sync.

Has anyone else done this? (Surely they have?!)

Thanks in advance


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Yes, it should work as long as both pedals are triggered in the same way (either an open circuit becoming closed, or a closed circuit becoming open - if both pedals are different, only one will work)

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Thanks. Can't see that they'd be different given that the two most likely to be in play at the same time are the Zoom B3 and MS60b.

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