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Rounded trussrod hex nut.

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Cool bass. It'd be a real shame to have to replace that neck or upset the fit & finish of that fingerboard to replace the truss rod.

Did you establish it was a dual action rod? Hopefully it'll be stable enough and only need very occasional tweaks with a custom tool. If it does fully round and won't take any tools, you can try what @kodiakblair suggested, epoxying in an inner bolt with a hex head, the threading idea sounds like a good way to get a much stronger bond between the blot and the existing nut, but either way it sounds like any leakage or spillage of epoxy might create a seized truss rod :shok:

A more temperamental and probably weaker solution but one that won't have the risk of seizing the truss rod with epoxy squeeze-out could be to get in there with a dremel tool or other grinder and carve one or more channels inside the existing nut for a key or keys, then drop in a bolt with a stout hex head that has similar keys loose or epoxied to the bolt, and just locktite it in place so it won't fall out. There are a lot of ways you could do this, the simplest I can think of is round channels and keys, so the bolt and nut look a bit like:


Obviously on a smaller scale, you could use a panel pin or a piece of wire as a key, just has to be enough to resist the shearing forces when you try to adjust the rod.

EDIT: Just saw the "TUNGSTEN" printed on the tap & die visual reference I posted. I wouldn't dream of trying to machine tungsten, even a little bolt, it'll eat everything but the hardest materials (carbides, diamonds etc.) for breakfast! :laugh1: 

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