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Fender American Standard Precision V - back up for sale
Sutton Coldfield

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My sale fell through (the courier lost the bass, long story but I got it back) so it's back up for sale at £925.

I bought this new 7 years ago and it was my main gigging bass until I moved to a Jazz. It’s been my backup since then so I’ve decided to sell with a heavy heart.

It’s set up with flats and plays beautifully, the neck really is lovely. Comes with the moulded Fender case but I don’t have the case candy I’m afraid.

I put straplocks on but don’t have the originals, so I’ll throw in the Comfort strap.

It’s in perfect condition apart from a bit of scuffing on the G string tuning peg from where it wore through my gig bag. I've tried to show this in the photos.

If you want to come and try it you’d be very welcome – I can set up my rig in the garage so we can keep our distance. After my recent experience I won't courier if, but I would be happy to deliver it up to 100 miles or meet the buyer.  I'm not trusting a courier with this.

No trades thanks. I’ve bought loads of stuff from here over the years but haven’t bothered getting much feedback. I could ask some sellers for feedback if anyone wants reassurance.



Edit: this weighs 9.4lb or 4.3kg. And string spacing at the bridge is 18-19mm.









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Back up for sale
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Just now, hooky_lowdown said:

Where are you? Maybe some kind BCers could help get it to you? 


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2 minutes ago, jassbass said:


Post in the General Discussion section looking for help to get a lovely bass from Sutton Coldfield to Sunderland. Sure the kind folk here will be able to get the bass to you safe and sound. 😀

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2 hours ago, jassbass said:

Shame so far away

If you’re interested mate then drop me a message. I might drive it up to you, I do like a road trip.

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      It's got a bit of light gig wear to it but otherwise great condition.
      Seemingly unavoidable PA speaker is too close to me small chips and scuff to the top of the headstock.
      Some light swirling to the finish but no serious wear or anything through the finish.
      Weight is 4.4kg on my kitchen scales.
      I can post at buyers risk in worn but functional CNB gig bag and boxed for £25.

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      I probably should have posted this over a week ago.... when I actually bought the bass! lol However, I decided to play it for a while first - to see how I got on with it

      I keep thinking I should play a 5 string - then I keep falling in and out of love for 5 string basses, for various reasons. Usually, my reasons for selling are that I find the necks just a bit too chunky, or I find the bass is a tad too heavy..... or a combination of both. Sometimes, I don't find the string spacing to be very comfortable. This isn't something I find with 4 strings - I can usually adapt my playing. But with 5 strings I've found on a more comfortable width neck, the strings can be a bit too close for my right hand plucking (i.e. not enough room between strings for my fattish fingers)

      To cut a long story short, I bought & sold a few 5'ers for a combination of the above reasons (or excuses). Actually, on the point of the weight of a bass - it's not something that used to bother me too much. However, my increasing age and ageing joints / shoulders / back have made this factor ever more important.

      So my thinking was - where can I find a lightweight 5 string bass, which is lightweight and has a neck which isn't too wide (or wide plus deep) but isn't too narrow string spacing at the bridge? Fussy old BC'er, aren't I?   So I turned to Ibanez. I've owned Ibby's in the past and always found them to be great instruments. In fact, I once owned the 4 string version of this bass, the SDGR 500 - a bass I was well pleased with.

      I have to say that so far, I'm really liking this bass! It was a local purchase too. It's very light for a 5'er - I think it's around 3.5kg. The neck is a comfortable width, and it's slim front-to-back, so I can get my hand around it easily enough. Also, the string spacing seems very comfortable too. It's narrow-ish at the nut, but the neck tapers enough to make the spacing good for my right hand... plus, the bridge allows for some lateral position adjustment too  The quality of construction is really good - it feels a solid build, and the finish is really nice. No sticky left hand on a glossy neck - it's really nice satin sort of feel. I like the dark wood colour too.

      The electronics are great, and the 2 active Bartolini pickups are superb. As I expected, It's more of a modern sounding bass than my current collection of basses - but that's not an entirely bad thing. It's another choice for me to make, depending on the gig I'm playing. Another added bonus is that the pickups and electrics work in passive mode, and it even works with no battery - so no worries about a battery going flat mid-gig.

      Now all I have to do, is to get my spatial awareness up to speed for 5 string playing. I've been noodling at home, and took the bass to one garden room / semi-open-air trio jam. I did make a few errors, hitting the wrong string DOH - but it's been a while since I last played a 5'er for any length of time.

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      5 String double bass extensively improved. Beautiful sound - great B string. 
      4/4 Unlabelled Possibly Hungarian?
      Very clear sound, recently fitted with new Pirastro Permanent strings (spiro B string).
      Easy to play with 104cm string stop and a low action at the nut. "Harp" style tail piece. 2 piece back and front. Adjustable bridge. 22.5cm lower bout ribs, LOB 114cm. Good straight grain, no buzzes, splits or cracks. Speaks well across all the neck in all registers. 
      Extensively modified by R Dawson and the Contrabass Shoppe in 2008 which included - top removed and re-graded, new bass bar, new maple neck, new finger board and new machine tuners. (details provided by T Houska - this work cost £3500).
      Recent service (Feb 2021), clean and setup by Martin Jones.
      Recently played as my main bass. 
      More details and photos can be supplied on request.

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