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NBD: Sandberg Content

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Hey all, 

I just wanted to do a quick cross-post on my Talkbass thread on my new Sandberg Custom Thinline fretless, since I did a relatively in-depth post on the bass, based on my first impressions. I thought it would be useful to post here if it was of interest for anyone, or as a future searchable item, since there is very little written about these basses on English language sites at least.


  The TLDR is that it's:

  • Lightweight
  • Resonant
  • Has a punchy tone at the bottom and sings at the top
  • Was shipped with flats but will be upgraded to roundwounds at some point
  • Was shipped by a certain Midlands-based bass shop with high action, but but I suppose Sandberg send them out like that to account for the different territories they go to.
  • Really easy to play after I straightened the neck out

It's my first unlined fretless and I am absolutely loving it and glad I didn't go for a lined fretless. My last fretless bass was a lined Adamovic that I didn't really get on with as I never really liked the sound, whereas this Sandberg is a gem and I love the sound even with flats. 

I still haven't been able to get any photos of it that I really love, as it has rained all day, every day since I got it and I like to photograph my basses in natural light, so I'll post up some pics from the shop I bought it from, I'm sure you'll recognise the source, I'll edit this post to add those in in a second.




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50 minutes ago, [email protected] said:

Wow. That’s a wonderful looking bit of kit. I’m on my 2nd Sandberg. Great instruments aren’t they. 
Do you know what flats it shipped with? Which rounds are you going to go for?

Based on the purple silks on the strings, I'd guess they are either GHS Precision or Ernie Ball Cobalts. Ken Smith also uses purple silks but I think it's unlikely Sandberg are using them. They're bright as far as flats go, so I'm leaning towards them being Cobalts.

Whatever they are, they are really nice as far as flats go, especially the glossy feeling. I find some flats feel chalky and dry, but these are really slick, almost like Elixirs.

Speaking of Elixirs, I will be swapping this bass to Elixir rounds eventually. I'm using up my string stocks for my other basses and moving everything towards Elixirs since buying a Ken Smith strung with them last year.

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36 minutes ago, fretmeister said:

They will be GHS - GHS make the Sandberg strings for them.

I think I need to try some GHS, as I actually really like the Sandberg steels! Especially on the SL, for what I do they suit it well. Boomers come in 45-126, which I like the sound of. I’m keen to try some flats on it too. 

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