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**SOLD ** Washburn EA44 Electro-Acoustic Guitar

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I'm selling my very rare Washburn Electro-Acoustic Guitar.  I'm currently near Southampton and willing to travel a reasonable distance to deliver.


It has a solid cedar top and the most fantastic Birdseye Maple back and sides. I have an idea that the back and sides are also solid, but I can't confirm this.


The reason it's very rare is because I've never seen another one like it (despite extensive searching) and Washburn have not been able to explain why it has this combination of tonewoods.  All others in the range have Rosewood back and sides.


Here is a link to their original publicity and on page 10, you can see the technical specifications.




Washburn are unable to date it precisely but looking at the serial number, I think it was built in 1994.  I bought it around 1995 so that would probably confirm the date.


It's in fantastic condition, with just extremely small blemishes which in no way affects the playability or sound of the instrument.   


If you look very closely at the photo you can just see a very small area where the lacquer has worn between the 12th and 14th fret. There is also a very small area between the pickguard and the cutaway where the lacquer has worn. There is a tiny dent on the top, near the lower bout. It's so small it doesn't show up on a photo...!


It is an unusual guitar for several reasons, not least is because it come with a 1/4" output jack, which is post EQ, and an XLR out if you want to go straight to the desk and bypass the Equis ll built in preamp.


It comes with a dedicated hard case.













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Stunning guitar. The back and sides remind me of the original Hofner Committee models.


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