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Fender/Brandoni Custom Precision bass
East Sussex

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Time to cull the herd 😞

Selling my Fender/Brandoni Custom Precision bass.

Fender USA 2010 body with Brandoni MIJ 1990s NOS Precision maple/rosewood neck.

(please note: the 'Fender' decal on the headstock is purely cosmetic - the body is Fender USA but the neck is Brandoni)

Bass comprises the following:

Fender USA 2010 black body including original Fender string ferrules, neck plate, strap buttons and screws.

Hipshot B, Fender three hole strings-thru-bridge type, black bridge.

Fender 'Original' Precision pickup.

CTS 250 solid shaft pots.

WD Music black Tele/Precision knobs.

WD Music BWB pickguard.

WD Music black pickguard screws

Brandoni NOS (New Old Stock) 1990s MIJ (made In Japan) maple neck with dark Rosewood fingerboard

(this is an incredibly stable, seasoned neck from Roberto Barnadoni's store in Wembley which I had selected with the darkest Rosewood he could find to compliment the rest of the bass)

Genuine Fender Precision nut.

'Decorative' Fender decal on the headstock.

Fender Super 7250 45-105 roundwound strings.

Bass will be set up and supplied in a DV247 Music Store semi-hard case.

This is one of a number of basses I have constructed over the years using a combination of Fender and Brandoni parts but, sadly, as I have several Precisions it is time for this one to go.

(I haven't found a shipper who will take - and insure - a bass. If you can find one then the bass would be shipped in an original Fender shipping box, less the DV247 case I'm afraid)


P front.jpg

P back.jpg

P fender.jpg

P frond 2.jpg

P head b.jpg

P head f.jpg

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Could have been yours - and delivered - if it wasn't for Covid!! I should have been at my Uncle's funeral in the Wirral in the morning - attending on Zoom now 😞


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