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Early Music Man sterling SOLD

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Lockdown has meant that I've brought loads of my gear home/out of storage. It's been great! But, I've have started to realise how much has amassed over the years. 

So, going to start putting some bits and bobs up for sale.

This is an early MusicMan Stirling. Almost 30 years old. It's been well gigged before my custodianship. It's got a John East musicman pre and Seymour Duncan pickup. It's really easy to play and the neck is the best of any MusicMan I've had. 

It needed quite a bit of love to get it right. When I got it there was all sorts of electrical issues and needed the frets sorting. It cost a few hundred to sort in the end. It's not mint, but it is amazing. 




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It seems something is wrong with the uploaded pictures (the other basses you are selling look gorgeous... I am curious to see this one as well!)

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