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Lakland 4-94 Bartolini wiring


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What is the issue with the Lakland? NTMB is there and coil tap is probably just a DPDT switch. The diagram also tells us that that the middle switch is done by adding a capacitors to the brown wire of the M pot via a switch (my guess: another DPDT). NTMB-L could be NTMB-Lakland, couldn't it?

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I've got one in a bag in my spare room I took out of my 55-94. What exactly are you trying to do? 
(ie my work is mental at the moment - so I can do a detailed diagram but it might be a few weeks... if it's a more specific question than that ask away. from memory it's not wired any differently than a standard Bartolini preamp... )

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OK, thanks itu and LukeFRC for your replies.

First problem is I do not fully understand electronics but can solder etc. from a laymans diagram.

Secondly I have a Lakland preamp and controls in bits, which I want to get functional but I need the simpletons diagram, with colour coded wires if poss, to be able to do this.

So, it iis the original Lakland loom with MM & J Bartos, coil tap, mid F switch, output preset, B,M & T tone; Vol/bal and push/pull passive.


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Right - just looked too complex to draw whole thing but it’s this one... 


Only change is the volume pot is wired like this with the switch. So yellow goes via switch.

bridge pickup switching is simple, just look up humbucker coil switching online- it’s wired neck parallel bridge I think 


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