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Marky Screen

EWS BMC mid control utility EQ boost pedal

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Lovely little high quality utility pedal.

Mini Parametric Mid control to boost or cut a specific mid frequency.

Also has an volume knob so can be used as a clean boost.

Active passive input switch as well.

Great for getting a mid cut slap tone or mid boosted lead tone at the stomp of a button.

Small touch if velcro on the bottom. Not very sticky so v easy to remove.

Price includes UK postage.





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    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So I just made a sort of "4x 10" + high frequency tweeter horn" faux cab sim (not completely accurate, really just set to my personal liking, but perhaps not all that different from a 4x 10" cab with its high frequency tweeter attenuated some) on my Zoom MS-70CDR by stacking 5 of the 2 band parametric bass equalizers, "BassParaEQ", and thought I'd share it in case someone else could have use of this experiment of mine.
      Of course this could be made with any 10 band parametric equalizer, and one could eventual skip the boost of the 400Hz and 800Hz bands, if they only got 8 bands available, eventual the 50Hz and 120Hz bands as well, in case they only got 6 bands at their disposal, also technically one might be able to get away with skipping the 20kHz band too, as the signal from a bass won't produce much frequency content above 10kHz anyway, and finally one might want to set the 400Hz and 800Hz bands differently, slightly boosting or cutting them according to the preferred character of the simulated cab.
      So here's how I have the EQ's set, listed in the order of the signal flow:
      Freq:  50Hz          Q: 1          Boost/Cut: +  1dB       
      Freq: 120Hz         Q: 1          Boost/Cut: +  2dB    
      Freq: 400Hz         Q: 4          Boost/Cut: +  2dB     
      Freq: 800Hz         Q: 2          Boost/Cut: +  2dB     
      Freq: 1.6kHz         Q: 2          Boost/Cut: -  1dB     
      Freq:   2kHz          Q: 4          Boost/Cut: +  1dB     
      Freq: 4.5kHz         Q: 4          Boost/Cut: -  1dB     
      Freq: 6.3kHz         Q: 4          Boost/Cut: -  1dB     
      Freq: 10kHz          Q: 1          Boost/Cut: - 20dB      
      Freq: 20kHz          Q: 1          Boost/Cut: - 20dB     
    • By dave_bass5
      I got this in Aug this year from PMT. Thought it would be handy for using with my keyboard, but turns out its not really the right tool. Going to need a Parametric, which i just so happen to have in my Helix. 
      Ive only used it for 3 hours, at a rehearsal, with it sitting on my synth. Comes with box, all paperwork, sticky feet etc. 
      £150 firm, inc 1st class post in UK. Wont ship off mainland. 
      Key features.
      Class-leading sound quality with 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating point processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate Dual 10-band EQs that can be used in stereo, parallel, or series Insert function for processing external effects with pre and/or post tone shaping Three different range settings: 30 Hz to 12.8 kHz, 32 Hz to 16 kHz, and 28 Hz to 14 kHz 15 dB boost/cut on each band, plus overall level control for each channel Stereo link function for operating both EQ channels together Intuitive interface with hands-on sliders and graphic EQ display Real-time panel setting and four memories for storing favorite sounds Panel Lock function disables controls to prevent unwanted changes Two onboard footswitches with customizable assignments Support for expanded control via external footswitches, an expression pedal, or MIDI Full MIDI I/O provided with mini TRS jacks (BMIDI-5-35 adaptor cable available separately) Micro USB jack for firmware updates Runs on PSA-series AC adaptor or three AA-size batteries
    • By loremil
      Selling this Hamstead Soundworks Subspace Overdrive Pedal as I'm looking to downsize my board. Used but in excellent condition, handmade in the UK, this pedal is a true Swiss-Army knife od distortion pedals - it can go from clean boost, to subtle drive, to modern aggressive tones, to crazy fuzzess (See specs below). It also features a Parallel control to retain your low end as well as a super silent Octo-switch.
      Collection in person or shipment at buyer's expense. Thanks for looking.
      Product webpage: https://www.hamsteadsoundworks.com/subspace
      -10dB Input Gain Switch Oversaturated, Glitchy Fuzz Mid-Boosted Drive +/-18dB of Treble and Bass Boost and Cut Parallel Dry Control with x2 Boost Defined High Gain Distortion Warm, Vintage Overdrive Frequency Specific Clipping Powerful, Versatile Tone Shaping 3 Clipping Circuits Optical OptoKick Footswitch (Silent and Reliable Switching) Compact, Durable Build
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