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Anyone tried Markbass Coated Strings? At my wit's end...

El Capo

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Hi all,


I seem to be spaffing money endlessly on duff strings. Had a dodgy packet of Elixirs from Amazon, I seem to have killed a set of Ibanez coated strings in two rehearsals, tried some Lo Riders and may as well have taken sandpaper to my fingers and my backup Rotos are lasting even less than usual before going dead and throwing up intonation issues.


Now some of this is not news to me, I have the same issue with guitar strings and it's only been because of Elixirs that I'm able to avoid changing them every frigging week...!


But stone me, they are pricey for bass strings...so all of this leads me to looking at other coated strings. Has anyone tried the Markbass jobs that we have a basschat code for? I'd love to give a set a go but am struggling a bit with the spare cash given there are no gigs in the diary so would rather hear from someone who has tried them before parting with yet more cash for another set of bloody strings!


Thanks in advance,


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As far as I'm aware, Elixirs are still the only string where the string is coated as a string, rather than the outer winding being coated and wrapped onto a string as all the others do. Elixir own the patent to coat the string. That makes Elixir the only coated string worth a damn. The rest are just marketing but don't offer the advantage of an actual coated string, which is to stop your bio-goo getting into the windings of the string which is what makes it sound dead, but you're paying more for it regardless.

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