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  1. Another vote for Superlux here. I can’t kill mine!
  2. Yeah it was shoite. Mine went on Facebook within the week. Answered my own question!
  3. I can answer this now as mine arrived. Brief moment of panic when I saw the Euro plug but thankfully Thomann spotted me coming and added a UK adaptor in the box. First impressions? Built like the proverbial tank, I mean this thing is SOLID Everything feels great quality. Sounds? Here is where I'm a shade disappointed - I was intending to use this as a preamp and whilst it functions ok, the sounds I'm getting are still pretty flat and uninspiring when straight to the desk/PA. I need to spend more time with it but I'm also finding it struggles with the (admittedly stupidly high) output from my EMG pickup and clips when above 9 o clock on the gain! Overall I'm sure it'd do someone a turn but it's not for me, so it'll be hitting the classifieds imminently.
  4. Bumporama. Offers considered to get rid before they lock us all down again!
  5. Actually, I'm so glad you asked. I didn't really want to talk about it and I don't want to a fuss, but...
  6. I sort of agree. If the music/musician meant a lot to you, that's great (and it's certainly clear that EVH had that effect) but I don't really feel there's much to be gained by sharing your 'tribute' (particularly by murdering their songs) publicly. Maybe I'm too British (or just a cold, unfeeling git) but actually I'd extend that to all public outpourings of grief, including but not limited to: - 'U ok hun' style posts on Social Media - Tattoos of names / death dates on your skin in prominent places - Shrines of any kind (unless you're actually related to them) Re-reading the above, I am a cold, unfeeling git.
  7. They did, Amazon did refund me so I wasn’t out of pocket in the end, but annoying regardless.
  8. Like it? Want it? Don't have all the cash but do have a five string? Talk to me.
  9. No tender process was followed when the government awarded a contract to Computacenter for laptops for schools, cutting companies like mine straight out of being able to compete. Cheers, Boris.
  10. Need the space...make an offer to get this gone over the weekend!
  11. We are seeing it in the PC industry...you try buying 'stock' of laptops at the moment, frigging impossible...
  12. I think the body had already been tweaked slightly - only took a small amount of swearing. Slight overhang treble side from the rear but stable as heck.
  13. Hi Dave, These ones do have the routing gap around the pickup, so not pretty without the scratch plate sadly? Neck fit is incredible, it stays in without screws! Cheers, James
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