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Practice headphone amp with bluetooth capability

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Does anyone know if there's a headphone practice amp with Bluetooth capability? I want something I can put into my bass gig bag. The Ashdown Tone Pocket would be perfect for the lack of BT. I know it has a line-in, but increasingly phones just don't have that capability, and even if it did I prefer the convenience of not plugging it in. As an aside it would make for a nice headphone adapter for a phone for general use when not practising.


There are practice amps with the functionality, but nothing that I would consider portable enough to sling into a gig-bag.

Is there a product I'm just not finding with my Google-fu?


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I use a lighting to 3.5mm cable for that. A guess Bluetooth would eat battery power? You could get a BT reciever and plug that in, which you could charge separately? 

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Just now, ped said:

I use a lighting to 3.5mm cable for that. A guess Bluetooth would eat battery power? You could get a BT reciever and plug that in, which you could charge separately? 

Yeah, battery life would be worse, but a phone can send stuff to headphones and battery-dependent headphones can receive it so it can't be a colossal drain surely?

A BT receiver might be an option if the thing I'm looking for doesn't exist so thanks for the tip. It seems strange if an all-in-one system doesn't exist though. At home I have an Amplifi TT which does do what I want but is far too big otherwise (as well as being mains powered). Before I bought it I thought I'd never use the BT capability but since buying it I've grown to love the convenience.


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It's as if @Ashdown Engineering reads basschat/my mind! Thank you Ashdown, your new Bluetooth Tone Pocket is the product I've been waiting for. Once I am unshackled from lockdown's restrictions I'll be heading to my local music shop to try this out, and let's be honest I'll probably buy it.




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That's great! Also worth a look is the NUX Mighty Plug


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