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Happy Jack

*** GONE *** GraphTech Ghost Acousti-Phonic Piezo Preamp

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Some tales are sadder than others.

There is a long and depressing back-story with which I shall not burden you, but the outcome is that I have ended up with a brand new, unused circuit board for a fairly well-rated piezo preamp system.

Essentially, it's this but without the rest of the kit:



This unit has NOT been installed, has NOT been tested, and I do NOT guarantee that it is all good, but there's no reason I can see why it shouldn't be just fine and dandy. It was provided to me (free) by the overseas luthier at a point where everybody assumed that it was the preamp that was the problem. Actually it wasn't, so this never got used. I have no desire to profit from this rather miserable transaction, so I'm just passing this along.

As a special bonus, and because I hate throwing stuff away even when it's complete doggy-do's, I will include the cheap'n'nasty pots from the bass at the centre of this particularly teacup-storm, along with the bloody useless locking jack socket, a device which bizarrely some luthiers still think is a good idea. 

Rather more helpfully, and as you can see, there is also a reasonable photocopy of the installation instructions.

Bung me £3 for P&P and it's yours.


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