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My Bluesblaster is finally ready to rock, now with video

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This summer I put together a Corona Project Bass, a tribute to The First One. Not an exact copy, but a very good and functional modern take on the classic P'51.

The details making biggest difference are the Babicz Full Contact Bridge and the super nice somewhat overwound humbucking version of the original style pickup made by Swedish Urban Pickups.

I don't like false labeled instruments, so I had a friend making me my own headstock logo in classic design. A nice bass all in all, if I am allowed to keep it. My cat has another opinion... ;) 

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Cool looking bass, not so wild about the cat... (just joking) Nice Logo too, I agree with you on the false labeling issue and in the past have done what you have, Fender script, but not their name.

I keep thinking about making a year of birth P bass, for me that's 1952, but I'm not keen on slab bodies, still the idea keeps coming back into my head. Your understated but beautiful 51, isn't helping. 😉

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I made a very simple video clip demonstrating the tone of the bass, and my Corona style haircut... ;) 
Signal chain: the bass - Boss wireless - Genzler Magellan 350 w. straight eq - Genzler BA 10-2 - straight into the mobile phone's microphone. Nothing else.

Well, I managed to upload the video clip, my very first one ever! This is no show off-video, just a little groove to illustrate the tone of the bass in my hands...
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