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SOLD - Hipshot B Style 4 String Chrome Bridge - Fender Mount (5B4FM1)
South Yorkshire

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And so the clear out begins......

19mm string spacing, chrome on brass, standard Fender 5 screw mount (spec shown below). Mounting screws and Hex key for saddles included. Excellent condition

£50 posted to GB

Bridge 1.JPG

Bridge 2.JPG

Bridge 3.JPG

Bridge 4.JPG

Hipshot B Style 5B4FM1 Fender Mount.jpg

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Sold 20-09-20
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2 hours ago, Leftfret said:

Interested - how do you want paying?

I’ve pmd you.

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    • By mikem8634
      Now with free shipping. Scratchplate free with the bridge if you want it
      Happy to consider any interesting trades for 6 string (non bass) stuff.
      Payment by PPG if that's okay with everyone.
      Also listed on The Fretboard Forum (and I've been around a lot longer on there in case I seem a bit new)
      Hipshot 4 String B Style Bass Bridge - £40  now £30
      Satin Finish  
      19mm string spacing  
      4 mounting holes  
      UPC: 00840000916983  
      SKU: 5B400BC-750  
      Bought second-hand but not installed as it’s not a direct retrofit for a Jazz bass. Oops!  
      Looks in excellent nick and is a quality chunky thing.  
      Venom Jazz Bass scratch plate - £10 posted or free with the bridge
      White Pearloid  
      Very lightly aged - yellowed at the edges and around the screw holes

        Cheers folks
    • By such
      PRICE DROPPED: £900
      For a very limited time I'm also open to near offers. 
      For sale is my Fender Marcus Miller signature Jazz Bass. I bought it on BassChat in around 2012; not sure when exactly or who from, since the messages are gone. It had been upgraded by the previous owner with a Sadowsky VTC preamp and Hipshot D-Tuner in matching reverse/nickel. You can say "modded, not upgraded" but I think it's hard to disagree these are legitimate upgrades. The VTC feature itself makes so much difference, the tone control being functional in both passive and active modes allows for some superb tones. Like, cutting most highs with the tone control while boosting treble with the active knob (which is centered somewhat lower, freq-wise) when on bridge pickup soloed, gets you that dark but focused and super spiky tone of electric jazz/fusion virtuoso. 
      Then of course you get a superb slap tone, clean and classic jazz bass sounds and everything you can reasonably expect from a bass of this format. It's bright, punchy, meaty, growly, snappy, airy, open, clear and big. 
      The bass is super playable. When I bought it, the nut was a tiny bit high, I found, so I got Andrew from Anaconda Basses (they weren't really a thing yet then, about to launch) to make me a brass one. It improved playability and effortlessness in lower registers, open string sound and sustain (possibly) and harmonics (audibly). 
      It's as good a jazz bass as you'll get, if you're into this sort of thing. 
      I recall checking the serial number once, and the result said 2007-2010. Also, I think it weighed at 4.1kg, will edit if I remember wrong. It's fairly light and very well balanced. The battery keeps forever. I changed it recently after more than 2 years. It was still going strong, just messed with my inner comfort. 
      Unfortunately, I seem to have inherited arthritic tendencies, so combined with my long fingers, I can't really play a jazz neck anymore. I've commissioned a build of a bass based in some ways on this one, and it will also be funded by this sale - therefore no trades, I'm afraid. 
      I'm willing to post, will need to figure it out though. I will change strings to brand new D'Addario XL steels or nickels (buyer's choice) in 45-105. 

    • By JapanAxe
      I realised this has sat forgotten on the headstock of my American Vintage Reissue '63 Precision since I got my 5-string. Part of me thinks I should hang on to it 'just in case' but the toy fund is running alarmingly low, so...
      This gadget can be installed in minutes with simple tools and no drilling, and allows you to drop-tune instantly. I used it to drop low E to D, but it will go down to C.
      It comes boxed complete with instructions, fixing screws, and tuner bush (which I didn't need to use - it fitted perfectly into the original Fender bush).
      This model is designed to fit pre-CBS Fenders and US vintage reissues of the same, with 'reverse' tuning action, and has a Nickel-plated finish. Please check the Hipshot website to be certain which version you need.
      Yours for £53 delivered in the UK.
      Last pic below shows it in place on my AVRI Precision - the string has been slackened and you can see the plate has swivelled slightly, it's not installed wonky! Bass not included in sale

    • By Hellzero
      3 x HIPSHOT USA Ultralite HB6Y 3/8" + 1 x Ultralite HE6Y 3/8" Bass Xtender or D-Tuner matte black complete with Allen key (can be reversed as these are real American ones) and screws.
      For sale only.
      Asking price including shipping fully insured with tracking number to your place in these European countries (ask for other countries) : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (excluding French overseas departments and territories), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom : £110 GBP !!! New price is £225 GBP by Music store and Emma Music (where they are vaguely available)...
      In fully working condition, but used with the Allen key (can be reversed as these are real American ones) and the screws.
      Non-smoking environment as usual.
      Selling only because I have no further use of it as the project is aborted.
      Here are the links to Hipshot :
      And here the links to Emma Music and Music Store :
      What you see is what you get !
      Look at the pictures to see the real condition : used and with all the accessories.
      Don't hesitate to ask for more.

    • By Slug Ice
      4 hipshot USA ultralites Tuners for sale. Normally £25 a piece. Price includes UK postage. 

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