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SOLD. HA7000 £85. please read.
Blackburn, Lancs

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I bought this as a spare on BC a few months back as a fixer upper. It's sorted now but I've got a new head coming and need to move some of my other heads on. Here's the original post -  Hope you don't mind basslondon 😁

When it arrived, indeed only one channel was working. Eventually I had a look at it and It seems like something had been inserted into one of the four speaker outs that had pushed one of the jack connecting poles out of place. Maybe a faulty jack? Opened it up and bent the pin back. Hey presto, the outs started working again. The socket was a little loose on the connected board and so I dropped a little solder on to solve that too.

I've tried all 4 speaker outs and none of them sound distorted to me. I can't tell you if they were distorted before the fix as I didn't try them. I used the DI out to record before repair and that sounds great. I also tried the fx loop while recording at that was fine too.

I think I paid £50 plus £20 postage so, at £85 functioning sounds like a pretty good deal.

Everything appears to work as it should now. It sounds great, granted it doesn't look new but it's not that bad either. It has character! A couple of the sliders on the graphic are missing but that's purely cosmetic and they can be still used as normal. I honestly think everything is working as it should but please bear in mind what's been said.

I'd much prefer someone to come and try it out for themselves, rather than something happen to it in the post and then the buyer to think I'd sold it knowingly faulty. However, if it was to be posted then I'd pack it well for the buyer and leave it to them to arrange their own insured courier. Payment by bank transfer..

I'm in Blackburn Lancs. 

Link to the manual -  http://www.samsontech.com/site_media/legacy_docs/5000_7000_manual.pdf





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