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Recording to Mobile Phone and Tablets

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I am wondering if this is of interest to anyone else?

I helped set up the match day commentaries for Poole Town FC and in the process developed a cable that enabled dynamic microphones to be used with mobile phones and tablets.

As you will have found out if you have tried to use the microphones supplied with, or designed for mobile devices, the electret capsules used have a unidirectional pattern that makes them all but useless for serious recording. The solution is to use a good quality dynamic microphone with a cardioid or hyper-cardioid polar response.

Sadly mobile devices such as iPhones, Android phones, iPads and other tablets do not recognise dynamic microphones and continue to use the internal mic, even when the correct cables and connectors are used.

The cable  is more than a just a cable. It includes all the electronics needed to switch the mobile device to external microphone allowing any  dynamic mic such as  to be used with almost any mobile device.



Above is the original. The cost would be in the region of £20-25, mainly becuse quality  3.5mm 4 way connectors are expensive.
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I go to watch Poole! Now you have sorted the commentary can you get them a pitch that doesn’t waterlog?👍

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    • By Higgie
      I've just upgraded to an iPhone 12, so here we have my trusty iPhone 7! 128GB and unlocked, bought direct from the Apple Store in 2017. It has lived its entire life in a case with a screen protector, as such it is in excellent condition, no scratches or cracks to the screen at all. Touch ID, all buttons etc functioning normally. Just had a brand new battery installed last week as the old one had worn out, so it is essentially as good as new. Comes boxed with the original charger plug and sim removal tool, however there is no lightning cable or headphones included.
      Can be collected from London E4, delivered/meet within 20 miles for cost of fuel, or couriered/posted at cost.

    • By mcnach
      I have no trouble recording on my laptop/PC, for which I use a simple but nice little USB interface, a Focusrite Scarlett Solo that gets powered via USB, so no faff with external power supplies etc. That's great, right?
      Well, no, apparently that's not portable enough for me
      I seem to spend most of my time not really recording 'properly' but capturing snippets, riffs, ideas, using a Zoom H2 (with its built-in mics) or my mobile phone! Sound quality is not a huge concern, but I would ideally like to build up a track into a demo of sorts. Is it possible? Well, it looks like it is! So I'm trying to figure out what equipment I need in order to make multitrack recording on my phone with just the tools that I could carry with me in my gigbag/amp case.
      [ yes, I know, using the laptop would be simplest and it's portable, right? The thing is that these days I use my laptop for work a lot, and it lives on my desk plugged into a million peripherals and apart from the inconvenience, I need a lot of processing power for my work (big data analyses), so that's all I'm using it for (and browsing BassChat of course  ) so please don't try to disuade me and instead help me find a way to make little demos on my phone with a multitrack app  ]
      Software: I've been playing around with the n-tracks app on my android phone (Motorola G5S plus)... it's pretty damn good! Using n-tracks as a simple audio multitrack is very simple, and its basic built-in drum machine does the job... so this is good. I've tested it using the phone's microphone, and it works well. Of course, it'll sound a lot better if I can just record directly my guitar/bass on the phone via USB. That's where I need a little help.
      For recording on my PC, I simply have my guitar/bass (or occasionally a microphone) plugged into the Focusrite Solo, and the Solo is then connected to my PC via USB. The Solo interface uses the USB cable to both power the unit and transfer the audio data... but I cannot do that with my phone, so I need another way to get the audio into n-track on my phone. Some newer phones can use its USB port to power other devices, but not mine... so that rules out any USB-powered unit: it's got to be battery operated (that would actually be very cool) or using an external power supply.
      It *may* be possible to use a splitter for the combined TRRS headphone/mic port, so that I can plug both my headphones on one socket and input the audio using the other socket. I don't have that cable yet. It's cheap so I ordered one to see. That would be the simplest way to do this if I can get the right levels... being a mic input I suspect it may not play well with the output of FX pedal or a guitar directly.
      I can use an adaptor to plug the output of a suitable USB interface into my phone, as long as the USB interface is *not* powered via USB. However, it seems that every small USB interface is USB-powered, and I didn't want to spend £200 on a larger one. Is there anything out there that will not be too large physically, powered via an external power supply (or batteries!), and won't be too expensive?
      I'm even considering a small mixer, as that could be pretty handy too. There are many that can work as USB interfaces, but I encounter the same issue... the smaller ones are USB-powered. The smallest I found that look ok is the Xenyx Q802USB:

      That one has a separate power supply, so the USB port at the back can be used to connect to my phone and transfer the audio that way. It's about £60-70, so cheap enough and a little mixer can always be handy for other things.
      I thought there must be other crazy people here using their phones as a multitrack recorder too, so I was wondering what people use, or if you know of a smaller suitable solution, I'm all ears.
    • By paulmcnamara
      Behringer X 18 Air Mixer  £245.00 (and not £500 as was listed for bundle) An 18 channel, 12 bus, digital mixer for iPad/Android tablets with 16 programmable Midas preamps, integrated wifi module and multi channel USB audio interface. 
      The X Air X18 App is available free.
      Doesn't include iPad; comes with original box, mains lead & instruction booklet (though plenty of help and support online). Postage at cost.
      For further details please PM me. Advertised elsewhere.
    • By BardoJ
      I'm recording an EP via my IPad using GarageBand. I don’t Know how well this topic has been covered  but I’d like to seek some advice and share with you my experiences so far.
      Firstly, I’m using a focusrite 2i2 3rd gen as my interface and the mic that came with it to record into mu iPad.
      All the drums are programmed through the GarageBand app and me playing my electric drum kit into the focusrite, have worked well. I’ve also had my guitarist go straight through the Focusrite and he’s really happy so far with the noise he’s made.
      Here come the tricky bit: The bass! This was recorded with the focusrite mic over my orange amp and orange terror direct in. It’s a good tone but I’m left wanting after extensively trying to eq and play with different amp settings on the amp.
      i guess my question would be does anyone have any tips or use any gear that enable bass to be recorded well in GarageBand on an iPad?
    • By CliveT
      With enforced free time I'm looking for a free or inexpensive practice / recording solution to work with Windows or android.  What interface would be best for the bass too?
      Thanks in advance. 
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