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Sold - Fender Nate Mendel Precision with significant mods

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Been a long-time lurker on here since a brief appearance in 2014 and have been toying with selling this for a little while now, but feel like needs must! So, for sale is my early Nate Mendel Precision with some serious mods. Feels great, sounds killer! Having recently had a baby (child number 3) and working full-time over lockdown, I haven't been able to give it quite as much love as I'd have liked before selling and there are a couple of things that I'd have sorted with more time. I will, of course, include these in the advert in italics so there are no surprises. But if this does suit anyone here and you bite, you'll be getting a lot more than £800 worth of gear - I've shunted the cost down to compensate for these small defects. 

The bass

Fender Nate Mendel Precision - purchased in 2014




The mods

- Bareknuckle Scatter-Wound 58 Split-Coil P-Pickup. Sounds seriously rich and punchy - currently £118.80 from BK website


- Bareknuckle Hand-Wound 60-PE Jazz Bass bridge pickup added. Currently £94.80 from BK website


(Type in 'Bareknuckle Bass Pickups' on Youtube and watch Nolly's vid with the Fretking Perfection Bass (the first hit) for a good indication of the sound.)

- Fender '62 Precision Tortoiseshell Pickguard. £80 on Thomann website


- 3-way selector switch added (I asked for either VVT or the three-way switch but the guys at the Guitar Repair Workshop ended up doing both). 

- Neck re-lacquered for faster movement. I found the lacquer far too thick and sticky so Jack at Jack's Instrument services re-did the whole neck for me - still a vintage tint but much faster and smoother. Bear in mind that the headstock signature and serial number was removed in the process and some paint around the neck joint chipped further than the original relicing. 


The extras

Without any further cost than the £800 asking price, I am happy to throw in any of the following that you'd like:

- The original Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickups

- A set of Thomastik Infeld Flats (not on bass currently)

- A mint-green pickguard which also accommodates the selector switch

- A black 3-ply pickguard (replica, but brings the bass back close to the original look of a NM precision)

- The bass will come with a Hiscox hard case


The issues

Tone pot needs replacing. It has cracked - with more time I'd have sorted it. 

Bass picked up an additional paint chip. Obvious in the photos - the red scraped off to reveal the gold undercoat in a section near the bridge

Small chip on the body at the neck pocket. Looks a little scruffy but doesn't affect playability in any way. 


And finally, here are some more photos! This is a serious amount of bass and goods for the price, and the main issues are only cosmetic/easily fixed. Given the family situation this is for sale only; no trade offers please. Happy to post at buyer's arrangement and expense, but would recommend a meet-up (close-ish to Mcr and of course respecting current Covid-19 guidelines) if at all possible so you can assess the bass for yourself. 









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I’m beginning to think I should regress to four strings! Looks a stunner.


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Hi, no sorry it sold. Didn't want to unnecessarily bump it to the top again by changing the title since I thought no one would look this far back. Will change title accordingly and good luck with your search! 

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