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* SOLD* Status Matrix Series 2 for sale


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Up for grabs is my Status Matrix Series 2, this has been my back-up bass for a couple of years now and has only been used at a couple of rehearsals and home use. I had hoped that it would improve my slap playing but I think that boat has sailed. The bass is in excellent condition, no dings or scratches that I can see.

Buyer collects from New Forest area (social distancing observed) or happy to drive within a 40 mile radius to meet up if needs be. The bass comes with a generic hard case, tatty looking but it does the job.

Carbon graphite/composite through neck.

Phenolic fingerboard, 24 fret.

Scale length 34.5-inch scale.

Natural gloss finish

2 x Status Single coil pickups.

TB42 eq with bypass switch.

Controls: Volume, Pick-Up Balance, bass, treble, eq bypass switch








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    • By Edenburgh
      Posting for my son who has inherited my bass habit.
      Over the past few months he has developed a hankering for a US Musicman Stingray but after forecasting his financial income (pocket money) realises he needs to do a 3-into-1 trade type arrangement.
      So ideally the following 3 basses would go in a single straight trade for a US Musicman Stingray (4 string, single pickup models only).
      We reckon the three basses would land at the price of a secondhand Stingray (£1350ish).   Details follow:
      Ibanez SR506  : usual SR series fast neck and a great way to get an affordable and easy playing six stringer.  Has a couple of small dings on edge of body but really clean otherwise.  No gig bag unfortunately.
      Status Energy : Ash body and fitted with hipshot detuner (original tuner included). Also comes with a Hiscox Status branded case.    Bit of thumbnail grazing above the pickup but otherwise in great overall condition.
      Status The Groove : this is the bass that has given him the taste for a Stingray.   Awesome sounding bass from the triple coil pickup (I seem to recall one is a dummy coil?).   Excellent condition.  Includes generic gig bag.
      Soooo.....ideally the world would be nice and neat and someone out there is willing to part with a US 4 string single pickup Stingray in straight exchange for these three.    We realise the world often isn't that perfect but let's give it a shot....
      More pics available upon request.  Ideally meet up for trade (edinburgh and central belt) rather than trying to post.

    • By atomiceva
      Purchased the bass a few years ago with the intention of levelling up my playing from beginner and splashed out on an awesome bass. Since then it's been used very few times at home, you can see from the fretboard there's virtually no sign of wear. It's been very well looked after and kept in a hard case. There's only one small surface mark which I've adding in the images -I'm assuming the mark could be polished off. The strings have been replaced approximately 4 months, removing the originals. Essentially it feels and plays like a new bass. 
      £1000 ONO

    • By EJWW
      Saw the above on the Bay newly listed for this ridiculously cheap price this afternoon. I ummed and ahhed for a few mins but when I moved to the payment page it suddenly vanished. You snooze- you lose I guess. 
      Did some lucky individual just pick up a Status for under 500? Did someone just buy a stolen treasure? Or did the seller mis-type the price before realising and quickly withdrawing?
      I didn't need another bass but what a tremendous bargain!
    • By BCH
      Progress of my "covid safe restricted space rehearsal room" bass..ha
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