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Yamaha BB1024
Chipping Sodbury, Bristol

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I have a tobaccoburst BB1024 for sale as I pretty much exclusively play 5 strings these days.

its in great condition.  A couple of very small marks from being gigged and a small dent near the pickups which I did on the first day of ownership when adjusting the pickup height.  The magnetic screwdriver bit wasn’t!  Doh!  

You can see some small indentations on the back from a buckle, but not easy to photograph and only if you hold it at a particular angle to catch the light.  

They are great basses and are pretty versatile with the PJ pickup configuration,

I would be looking for £475 collected (from just North of Bristol) or Plus insured shipping costs.  Comes with the Yamaha padded gig bag.

I’ve attached some photos.  Let me know if you would like any additional information.


Cheers, Pete








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Hi Zolko 

I must admit that I’m not super keen on shipping to the EU, (collection or shipping in the U.K. preferred) but I you wanted to organise your own insured courier then I have a box and packing  materials. 

An option would be to replace the Yamaha soft case for a Hiscox hard case and ship in that (Boxed) as it would be more secure.  I would want the price for the bass to be £500 for that option.

Feel free to PM me to discuss further.



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    • By xzodar
      Superb Yamaha BB2025 with Yamaha hard case, in excellent condition. 
      This really is one of the nicest basses that I have played in terms of feel but I’ve seen something else which has come up for sale and can only consider that purchase by selling this instrument.  So this is very much a feeler at the moment.
      Collection (within COVID guidelines) preferred although shipping at cost can be arranged.  I would prefer someone to actually see the bass and be happy before parting with a large sum of money and tbh that’s what puts me off shipping.  
      Happy to drive up to an hour from Chipping Sodbury (just north of Bristol) for a meet if needed.
      Shows as 9lb 7oz on my kitchen scales.
      Please PM me if you have any additional questions.

    • By TRBboy
      Hi folks!
      For sale is my fantastic Yamaha BB435 in Teal. Bought late September last year, it hasn't exactly had a hard life, and has performed astonishingly well.
      I've had loads of Yamahas over the years, so I knew to expect a great quality instrument, but even so this exceeded my expectations! Superb quality, and the design is fantastic, blending all your favourite traditional features with clever modern refinements.
      Stand out points for me are the neck shape /feel - it's extremely comfortable and playable, and the pickups which are absolutely outstanding. In fact, there is virtually no difference between these V5 pickups and the V7's in the top of the range BBP. Really superb tone, plenty of guts but nice, smooth organic tone. 
      It's in great condition as you can hopefully see from the photos. If you have any questions or want any other photos, just get in touch.
      Payment via PayPal or BACS, and either socially distanced collection or a courier can be arranged. 
      Many thanks for looking! 😊👍

    • By Zander
      For Sale My Vintage White Yammy BB 414. 
      Bought as a back-up bass for gigging but after buying it, I proceeded to break up with the band... typical! The bass has since been in its case, so it’s time for it to go to a new loving home! I have 4 basses in total at the moment.. 4 too many I’m told sometimes! But with my other basses P and a J, I never actually ended up gigging this BB or practicing with it for that matter.
      Overall, its in good condition with some signs of wear (dings, chips and bumps) around the jack, some marks on the head stock (see photos) and a few light scratches on the back of the upper horn.
      Great punchy BB tone and currently strung with fairly new D’Addario strings (105-45).
      This bass is also nice and light @ 9lb 3oz / 4.16 kg
      Price: £180 ONO Via Paypal preferably 
      Price Drop: £170
      Collection from the Reading Area


    • By AJ567
      I'm letting a few things go! All prices include postage. Pics to follow...
      Markbass Compressore - £95
      Probably the best tube compressor out there. Check out ovnilab's glowing review here. No box or power adapter I'm afraid, otherwise great condition. Needs 12V @ 500ma; can be powered with the Gigrig Supanova I have listed below. 
      SFX Micro Thumpinator - £80
      If you read bass forums, then you know that you need one. Here's your chance. More info here. No box, great condition.
      Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail - £100
      Category killer analog delay. Like a carbon copy, but better. More info here. Boxed in mint condition.
      3Leaf Doom - £155
      Synthiest fuzz around. Rare and unique sounding pedal, there's nothing else on the market that will get you quite the same awesome Moog vibe. Check out some sound samples here. Excellent condition, with original box.
      EBS Bass IQ - £75
      Greasy as hell! Awesome for chewy, vintage synth sounds, can also get seriously quacky if that's your thing. Pretty good demo here. Good condition, with original box. NB this is the newer 'black label' version with true bypass. 
      Gigrig El Paso - £35
      Like the above, but turns 9V into isolated 15V centre-positive! 400ma capacity. More info here.
      Diago Powerstation - £35
      Tiny, top quality power supply with 3,000mA capacity. Fits under a Pedaltrain Nano. Dead quiet. Ideal for use with the Gigrig adapters I have listed below. No daisy chain included I'm afraid but those aren't hard to find!
      Peavey HB2 Headphone Amp - £30
      Very handy pedalboard-friendly headphone amp. Ideal for practice and wired IEM purposes (especially because it has a limiter function like high-end IEM transmitters, so any mic drops/sound man snafus don't blow your eardrums). More info here. Needs 15V centre-positive; I can include a suotable power supply for £5 extra.
      Markbass Super Pro DI - £35
      Top quality straightforward passive DI. Can accept speaker level signals, so you can run it between the head and cab if you want to capture your head's sound out front. More info here. Comes with orginal manul... not that you need it! No box, otherwise great condition. 
      Gigrig Supa-nova - £35
      Turns a 9V daisy chain outlet into an isolated 12V supply! So it's basically magic. 600ma capacity. More info here.

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