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What pedals do I want?

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Hi all

I was hoping you could potentially help me. I’ve been using a Zoom B3 for now that I was 1. Half happy with it (didn’t like switching between the screens) 2. Is falling apart (keep stopping while I am playing).

What I am currently using/need

1. a very solid looper including undo function that won’t leave my bedroom 99% of the time (Boss RC30?)

2. a preamp/DI with semi parametric EQ and if possible a comp embedded as I don’t need a very sophisticated comp most of the time (EBS Microbass III?). I also like the Mesa Subway+ just sad it doesn’t have a compressor.
I will also use that bad boy to record on my MacBook so USB needed here. I am not looking to color my sound (happy with my Spector/Markbass), just to have a proper EQ and find my sound easily when I am using someone else’s amp. For what it’s worth, I play everything but Metal/Punk and very Little Rock. I couldn’t care less about having a distortion on that preamp as it will just never be on.

3. Assuming no comp on that preamp... I’ll need a simple comp here. I mainly use the clone of DBX160 on the B3, but want a pedal absolutely.

I of course spent some time using the research function, but was wondering if, someone would think of a way to miminimze the number of pedals. Long story short, if it existed, my dream pedal would be a combination of 2+3 so that I don’t have to carry a pedalboard when leaving my place. 1 staying home.



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Gk Plex hits 2 and 3 nicely. I loved mine.

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You may find you have more options if you get a basic USB audio interface, and then plug your pedals into it when you want to record.

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Posted (edited)

Yes, I guess you are right - doesnt seem to be too many options otherwise.
I presume I am left with GK Plex and EBS Microbass right?

For the looper, I was thinking about the Boss RC10r.

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