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  1. Very happy with my Keeley Bassist - it's pretty much idiot-proof. Worth noting that the Keeley GC-2 is almost identical to the Bassist, and the MXR M76 Studio Compressor is identical to the M87 - sometimes you can find these a bit cheaper
  2. Not currently, but I was in two bands for a year or more without having any real problems - one of them preferred to rehearse on weeknights, the other at the weekend. And neither was gigging frequently enough (or at short enough notice) for there to be any clashes. Not having dependents helps with the whole "having free time" thing.
  3. The stuff that's fun to listen to isn't always fun to play, and vice versa. Somewhere in the middle is the sweet spot.
  4. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
  5. Have a look at gig listings for the sort of venues you want to play - usually you'll be able to see who the promoter is. And if not, it's possible the venue does it in-house, so get in touch with them directly. These days I think it helps a lot if you've been able to build a decent social media following (🤢) - it theoretically gives some indication of whether folks will turn up without the promoter having to do any actual promotion. Good promoters will see your potential regardless, but they're rare. Also if there are other local bands that are any good, reach out - promote their releases, ask for advice, generally be nice. If they have any influence on their promoters, they'll put in a good word. Good luck!
  6. Note that since the controls on the Shuttle have detents (notches), there can be quite a volume jump between each setting if you're trying to keep things quiet - particularly on Master Volume. You'll probably find you need to set Master Volume as low as it can go while still producing sound, and then use the pre-amp controls for more fine control.
  7. Maris Piper, King Edward, Jersey Royal. This is my taters update.

  8. Bloody Squier! The bridge pickup route on mine isn't even straight - the pickup is closer to the neck on the G side than the E side. This doesn't stop it being a great-looking, -playing and -sounding bass however!
  9. Odd birds, those "Standard" series Squiers - both the Jazz and Special (PJ) model use only the narrower neck-width Jazz pickups. The pole pieces on my Special's Jazz pickup are actually slightly wider than the strings as well, which is the opposite of what you'd expect when using a neck pickup at the bridge. In any case, you'd need to enlarge the route in order to use a normal Jazz bridge pickup. But I imagine most of the audible difference between the neck and bridge pickups on a Jazz is 99% down to their position, not the slightly different width - you'd probably be fine sticking a neck pickup in there.
  10. Great straps! I have a couple. They look good, they're very comfortable, and they don't have obnoxious branding.
  11. The way he casually cracks one vintage Fender against another as he takes them out of the rack 😆 Must be nice...
  12. King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown (1976) is essential stuff. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3W2vBxtqk6gORb4sWWMen6?si=mGooWNjdRi-p16ejlnCYCw Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lhfaHpb7aE6t8OUlg4V3rH1l1hFhsmjXc
  13. Do the nut slots ever become too loose when you reduce your string guage, or does it not matter if they're cut properly?
  14. As a lot of folks have already mentioned, the most obvious comparisons would be Madness or The Specials at the point where they'd become a lot more pop-rock than ska revival. Or maybe Dexys Midnight Runners. So, 80's pop-rock. I'd have said "new wave", but it's one of those terms like "hardcore" that's come to mean very different things to different people.
  15. You're most welcome. Glad to hear that they worked out for you!
  16. Maybe it was a thoughtless comment that, when challenged, he acknowledges makes him sound like an idiot and doesn't represent his views. Or maybe he's a raging misogynist and says stuff like this all the time. We don't know, because the NME failed to do any actual journalism.
  17. My Rockboard power supply came with a bunch of cable end nipples, but sadly all my spares have been given to bandmates or lost on dark stages. I reckon this sort of thing is pretty much the same though: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122740864851 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274899608983 Given that the plug barrel is 5.5mm, I'm not sure whether you'd need M5 or M6 to get the right amount of grip 🤔
  18. You're doing your own arrangements, yet you've been pushed into the background so much that you might as well not be there. I wouldn't be happy in that situation either. If they can't or won't accommodate you, then maybe it's time to start thinking about a new band that's better aligned with what you want - a duo, a trio, a genre that's bass-led...
  19. The Fender Bass - an Illustrated History says "Precision" refers to the accuracy of notes, i.e. because it's fretted, but the authors don't reference where they got that from 🤷‍♂️
  20. I've still got one of these from the late 90's - only 20W and 8", yet it can get loud enough to rehearse with a drummer!
  21. You can get an individual tapered 130, which should have less bulk around the ball end: https://www.daddario.com/products/guitar/single-strings/bass-singles/nyxl-bass-nickel-wound-singles/item/daddario-nyxlb130t-nyxl-nickel-wound-bass-guitar-single-string-long-scale-.130-tapered-1557/ Might do the trick. NYXLB130T for long scale, NYXLB130TSL for super long I haven't tried this with NYXLs, but it worked alright for me with their bog-standard nickel rounds - the taper meant I was able to fit a beefy 145 B string into a Fender-style BBOT bridge without too much trouble.
  22. Most of the first Oasis album is like that - the producer varispeeded (varisped? 😅) each track to whatever he thought sounded good, so they're all off A440 to varying degrees. Sadly this doesn't seem to have any effect on the number of tribute acts 😆
  23. Great - thanks! It's good to have confirmation that it was a problem at one point. All I can find more recently is that they've been using loudness normalisation based on LUFS (like all the other streaming services) since around 2015, so videos may have their overall playback level statically adjusted to sound similarly loud, but there shouldn't be any alteration to the dynamic range of an individual video. Apparently peak limiting _is_ possible if you really push the boundaries, but I couldn't find any examples or anything to suggest this is something people run into under normal circumstances.
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