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Fender MIM Telecaster with Texas Special Pups + Mods

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Upgraded 2016 Fender Mexican Standard Telecaster plus extras.

I believe the colour is Arctic White, it’s quite a creamy white. The full length photo of the back of the guitar and the one taken outside are maybe closest to the colour.

It’s in very good condition, I would go as far as to say it’s mint. I can’t see a mark or scratch on it anywhere, there isn’t even any buckle rash on the back.

Lovely maple neck and board, and it plays really well. The action is just excellent, nice and low with no buzz at all. Currently has some Thomastik-Infeld Power Bright strings on, 10-45. I would put the neck up against any American Tele for the way it plays, and probably as good as my Paul Reed Smith.

The pickups are a brand new set of Fender Custom Shop Texas Specials and it's been completely rewired with quality components. It has IMO the two best Tele mods, direct out (tone and volume circuits bypassed) on a push/pull volume knob for that last bit of extra bite, and a 4 way pickup selector (Oak Grigsby IIRC) with both pickups in series on the extra position, which gives a whole new extra tone. The tone cap was chosen by trying the likely ones so the tone control is spot on for the pickups. The control cavity is shielded with copper tape and it's all properly soldered up, guaranteed no crackles or issues.

The white scratchplate it came with didn't sit flat, so I bought a pearl and a black one to try, the screw holes didn’t seem to line up for those either so I’ve filled and redrilled a couple so the scratchplates sit nice and flat. The original one has flattened out again as well, and looks to me like it would now go back on and sit flat, so there are three scratchplates with the guitar: Pearl (fitted), black and white. I’ve done a couple of photos with the black and white ones sitting in place to give an idea.

It currently has chrome Schaller strap lock buttons fitted but there is a set of Fender standard ones with it as well. I’m also throwing in a Fender tweed strap which I think suits it nicely.

I started with a lovely playing Tele and put some effort into making it sound great as well, and it will be a bit of a wrench to sell it. But, needs must and the least used thing has to go.

Obviously the current situation will make a difference to potential collection or delivery, which is always the best way to do try before you buy. Things are relaxing a little bit and as of writing this I think it's technically okay to meet so long as no one else is there and we're in a park :) It would be a bit like a deal in a gangster film - walk forward, leave the case on the ground and retreat while it's collected. I do have an old, battered but solid case it can be shipped in though, so it can go properly insured. To be worked out.

Trades... unlikely, it would have to be a bass really, and it would need to be something that would bump one of my existing ones.













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