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SOLD Kenton Killamix Mini USB Midi Controller

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This is a very good little USB midi controller, They’re not available any more which is a shame as it was the best thing I could find without going for motorised faders (which is what I have now with a Faderport 8, but they are even more money).

Among all the things you can use it for, It’s a pretty good solution to having a row of knobs to turn for a virtual amp, instead of having to reach for the mouse. You should be able to control any amp model that gives you automation parameters (watch out though, some virtual amps like amplitube make automation a bit of a pain to set up - that’s not a Killamix thing, I find Amplitube a complete pain with my Faderport as well. Plugins like comp, EQ etc that expose their parameters to the DAW nicely are dead easy though).

Its big secret weapon is that it looks like 9 knobs and buttons but it works like 81 with a neat feature - pressing any of the knobs switches between 9 “banks” sending (and receiving) different values so it can control 9 times as many parameters as you think. There’s an LED above each knob so you can see which bank you’re on. It will go even further to 144 by pressing two knobs but it’s hard to imagine needing that. I used this to control amp parameters with one bank and then effect parameters from the same VST on the other banks.

It has endless rotary encoders with LED position indicators which can be updated from the app you’re controlling. On top of that, the sensitivity of the encoders changes depending how fast you turn them - this works really well, turn the knob fast and the value changes quickly, turn it slow and it changes slowly. 

The endless encoders on their own make this way better than any of the controllers with “fixed” knobs or faders - I’ve tried those and I don’t know how anyone works with them, as soon you switch what you’re controlling all the knobs are pointing the wrong way, bump a knob and the value suddenly jumps to the new position. Change songs and everything is in the wrong place with the same problem. You’re better off just using a mouse. With the Killamix, as you switch banks on the Killamix or switch plugins etc the LEDs update to show the current values - so much better. There are a few other controllers that do this without having to go to the expense of motorised faders, but they are not cheap either (things like the Midi Fighter Twister which is still over £200)

It also has 9 buttons which expand to 81 / 144 along with the knobs, and can be configured to work in different ways. They’re illuminated and also switch states when you switch banks or change things in software.

There’s a self centering joystick as well, although I never used that.

Mine has the green LEDs, later ones had blue but they work the same. You do need to be looking fairly straight on at the LEDs, I had mine propped at an angle to help with that, but then I have the same problem with the scribble strips on my faderport.

As with anything like this you need to make sure it will work with your setup, but it’s pretty generic - it doesn’t need any drivers or additional software and everything works through (USB) Midi or is configured on the unit itself. I had it working in Studio One out of the box.

It’s really nicely made and in excellent condition. There’s a USB cable included and even a little cloth bag that the previous owner made for it! :)

The reviews of these were universally good with the only negative being the price - IMO they were worth it anyway but at second hand prices they definitely are.

I’m tempted to keep it “just in case” just because they’re so good and are hard to find, but I really can’t keep stuff I’m not using.

Kenton Product Page


Musicroom Review





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