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SOLD: DSM Noisemaker OmniCabSim Deluxe - £180 including UK delivery

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Now sold: DSM Noisemaker OmniCabSim Deluxe for sale, fantastic little box of tricks - it's a cab sim, plus DI pedal, plus headphone amp, perfect for home recording or if you're playing live using in ears and DI'ing to front of house. The top three knobs allow you to dial in the response of the speaker cabinet you're after,  crafting the top end response, the low end roll off, and the intensity of the natural resonant frequency of different size cabs; you've then got two knobs to adjust the mid response, adjusting the amount of mid-scoop at 450Hz and adding punch with a boost at 800Hz to cut through the mix. It's great to be able to dial in the exact sound you want, and then have the ability to make fine tune adjustments to suit each room you're playing in.

The built in DI means you can send the affected signal to front of house via XLR or 1/4" jack, so the sound you setup at home is the sound that the audience hears, and a 'through' output so that you can send an unaffected signal to your amp

It's also got a headphone amp built in, so you can also use it as a personal monitor setup with in ears, with a separate Aux in jack so you can feed your monitor mix in too. All this is a fantastic form factor - the same height as a boss pedal, and about 1 and a third times the width.

Boxed and in great condition - now £180 including UK delivery.







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    • By dave_bass5
      I got this off here last year IIR. Used it once and decided i prefer the BDDIv2 tone (plus i was using a Stomp anyway). 
      Works well, but slot one footswitch sometimes needs two presses. Might be user error but its not as fast sometimes as the other two foot switches. This is how it came to me. 
      Other than that, works perfectly. Might have the box, manual etc, but if not it will be packed well. These things are built like tanks anyway. 
      Price includes UK 1st class post. 

    • By DarylClayton
      **Price is now £90**
      Hi everyone
      This is a simple and easy to use pre amp pedal/DI box for live and studio use. Standard 3 band EQ with mid sweep. Great to add some extra life to an old passive bass or compliment your amp.
      I have gigged it a few times but it is in great condition and comes with the original packaging, instructions and I can do shipping, too.

    • By CalDeep
      NOW £125 SHIPPED 

      Hey cool cats and kittens. 

      Up is my recently serviced Sansamp Programmable Bass Driver DI. 3 Programmable channels of the very best Sansamp-y ness. Perfect for being stuck at home recording and as a live tool when gigs happen again. Runs on 9V, Battery or Phantom Power for ease. It sounds like a Sansamp Overall condition is quite good, and as I say recently serviced so sounding and behaving like new. 

      Price includes UK postage.
    • By tvickey
      So I ordered a Radial J48 DI box off of the Internet... look what the postman delivered instead.  I can only assume that there was some serious mix-up at the postoffice.
      The Radial is actually for my guitarist to use (my bass amp has a DI).  I suspect that my guitarist will not be too pleased with these slippers.
      Similarly, the woman who ordered these pink slippers is probably not too pleased with her new Radial J48 DI box!

    • By adamg67
      Now Sold
      Not much needs saying about this, popular and virtually indestructible passive DI. Works great for bass, I can't actually tell the difference sound wise between this and my JDI but then I'm more cloth ears than golden ears.
      Has some paint missing on one side which I've shown in the photos, works perfectly. Boxed, not that one of these really needs the protection of a box
      Not looking for any trades thanks.
      Price includes UK postage.

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