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Recently picked this up from a friend. Designed in collaboration with Bruce Thomas of the Attractions, I’ve read that the brief was to get as close to Bruce’s Fender Precision that he had stolen and was never recovered.

The first thing that struck me was the colour. Clearly orange rather than an age faded red, but quite striking with it’s tort pickguard. The bass is light. I’ve not weighed it yet but it could be under 8lbs (3.6kg). I will update with an accurate weight as soon as I can. It is a little nose heavy as a result of the light basswood body. The neck profile is slim front to back and very comfortable to play, topped with that lovely dark rosewood fretboard. Frets are even and nicely finished (no sharp edges). Being able to A/B it with my friend’s US Precision, we both agreed that they sounded almost identical 


The fly in the ointment for me was the pickup alignment. The D/G section of the pickup was clearly misaligned with the strings (see below)


Looking at other Profile Basses, they all appear to have the same fault. To correct this, I’ve had SIMS make a pickguard with the cut out for the pickups in the right place


To help with the nose-heaviness, I’ve fitted a set of Hipshot Ultralites. 


I wish I’d gone with the Gotoh Resolites that I have fitted to my other P-Bass as they are about the same weight and feel smoother and easier to tune. 


A very well constructed P-bass, light and with great tone. Feels like a quality instrument. The misalignment of the pickup and the slight nose-heaviness are minor niggles but at nearly £500 new, you wouldn’t expect the former 

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3.4 kg ?! That's super-light! I'm on my second (having sold one to @stewblack and then missing it...) and both were at the 4kg mark. No neck dive on those though, maybe because of the extra body weight.

Both had the mis-aligned pickup poles, I briefly changed my current one to a cheap cream pickguard that I hacked to fit so that the poles would align, but I couldn't detect any difference in volume or tone. But I may ask Sims to do me a proper cream pickguard now that they have the stock measurements from you!

Have you tried your with Bass Centre Stainless Steel Elites (the factory-fitted strings for this model)? It roars with them on :)

A great fun P bass to play, hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

PS the fingerboard is maccasar ebony, lovely and dark as you say.

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1 hour ago, Kevsy71 said:

......I couldn't detect any difference in volume or tone......

Have you tried your with Bass Centre Stainless Steel Elites (the factory-fitted strings for this model)? It roars with them on

Moving the pickups has made no difference to the balance across the strings, which was fine to start with. Just an aesthetic thing

Not tried Elites. Will give them a go, thanks

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+1 for the Elites. Mine arrived with them on and it is gorgeous bass. I'm a bit fussy about balance and there's no dive on mine. Its not featherlight but a long way from heavy. 

Wonder if this is a new batch. 🤔


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