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Fender Precision fretless 1977/78 NOW £1500.

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Now priced at £1500 to go

Bought from a fellow basschatter a couple of years ago. A very late '77/early '78 factory fretless Fender Precision. (Serial no says 1977, neck and pickup dates say 1978)....
In great condition for a 42 year old Bass, the finish has sunk into the grain in parts on the body, a few little marks here and there, and some lacquer chips on the headstock, but no major dings anywhere.
Judging by the crazing in the headstock lacquer, I'd say it's been finished in nitro cellulose.
The scratchplate has a slight warp in it, which isn't unusal for this era.
The nut has been changed to brass, a long time ago from the looks of it, and likewise, the bridge barrels have also been replaced with brass items. Other than those, and some of the scratchplate and pickup screws, this is a very original instrument.
The fingerboard has just been reshot and dressed to the correct radius by Mike Smith Guitars, Southport, and is a lovely piece of highly grained Rosewood, in perfect condition, that plays like new.
Weight is typical Fender fretless fare, I'd say between 9 and 10 pounds. Not as heavy as the maple necked one I sold on here a few years ago, but meaty enough.
A semi rigid case is included with the Bass, but for an extra £60, I'll throw in a Hiscox instead.
Happy to courier, (I estimate £30-35 with insurance extra), or any buyer may collect.
Any questions, please ask.








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Price change.
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On 07/03/2020 at 16:33, mart3442 said:

Not as heavy as the maple necked one I sold on here a few years ago, but meaty enough.

I still have it! Yes, it’s big and chunky but that’s the way I like it. :D GLWTS  

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5 hours ago, matski said:

I still have it! Yes, it’s big and chunky but that’s the way I like it. :D GLWTS  

Ahh, that's great! I loved that Bass, but too heavy for my old back. Remember when you wanted to buy it and I asked how old you were?! 🤣🤣

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    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So how long have you been playing bass, and why did you start?
      I think I started playing bass around when I was around 16 or so, a couple of years after I had started to learn how to play guitar, which makes the time I have played bass about 27 years by now, most of that time having had bass as my main instrument of choice, although having continued to play guitar on the sideline all along.
      It all started one day at band rehearsal where I by pure incident picked up the bass players bass and started playing, fell in love with the sound and feel of playing it, right there on the spot, and soon after answered an add by a drummer and a guitarist/vocalist seeking a bass player for their band.
      After an audition session I got accepted as their new bass player, and even got a lot of praise from the drummer for my capabilities on bass, who was a skilled musician that knew how to sight read music, and both played piano and guitar on the sideline, beside drums, (the same two people, that drummer and that guitarist/vocalist, though in a new different band, that I much later since recorded a 2 track Single and a 4 track EP with, which were released on a small independent record label some of our friends owned, before I eventually decided to leave that band, much to my later regret, though I did get to contribute to a few of the compositions of their later full length album, even if not recording anything for it).
      The first few months with that first original band I didn't even own my own bass yet, but had to borrow one.
      But soon after I decided to put my focus on playing bass over playing guitar.
      For some reason playing bass just came more natural to me, the instrument just felt right in my hands, and as it turned out I must have been thinking much more like a bass player than a guitarist all along. 
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