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SOLD TC Electronic BH500 with BC212 & BC210 for sale. Trade added & Price drop £300
Bromley, Kent


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This is the ‘one before the current’ BH500.  Made just before the lunch-box size heads became popular during the ‘size isn’t everything’ wars.

It’s a very versatile rig.  The amp has three memory pre-sets so great if you are using multiple basses (I have fretted on mem 1, fretless on mem 2 and then use mem 3 at the open mic so no one shags up my settings!).

It incorporates a 5 string tuner and mute function and a few ‘toys’ like TweeterTone, Spectracomp and TubeTone to play with.

Selling with a BC210 2x10 cab and a BC 212 2x12 cab so you have the choice of ‘10’s’ or ‘12’s’ to suit your mood/style or a great big rig that is nearly as tall as you are! The cabs are both 8 Ohm and really light for the size, only c24kg each. Fairly easy lift for cab in one hand and head in the other.  Just mind the doorways!

Condition is ‘used but cherished’ so expect the odd ding in the Tolex which I’ve tried to show in the photos (below) but nothing that affects how anything works.

Unfortunately I’m just not getting the use out of the rig.  I’m only playing small places now – I’m mostly using the 12’s and I’ve only used both cabs twice in the last two years! – so am downsizing.

There is a lot about these rigs on t’t internet but here is a promo vid made by TC..

Because of the size I’m afraid it’s collection only from Bromley, Kent but willing to travel a reasonable distance.

There was one on eBeach recently with just the 12’s for £330 but I’m willing to let the whole rig go, including Speakons and power lead, for £300. Still not particularly wanting to split and would only be interested in trading for a 'lunch box' amp.  I don’t have any covers but the rig is kept indoors in a smoke free centrally heated house.  I've photoshopped the pics together to save posting loads, I've not doctored them!






BH500 Rig.jpg

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Price drop and trade added
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A great setup. I regret not buying this rig when TC were pumping out the ‘buy one, get one free’ on the cabs, which meant you could end up with a great gigging rig for not much ££, and that was brand new. I ended up with the BG115 which was fine, but always wished I’d gone for the separates! These are a great deal! 

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