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1967 Traynor bassmaster mark II

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Hey guys picked up a '67 bassmaster mark II and man am I impressed with this thing! It was just re cap'd, re tubed and the output transformer was re built. Everything  is original (except for the capacitors). For a 90 watt amp this thing is loud as hell and when you patch the 2 channels together you can get some pretty awesome overdriven tube distortion.  Anyways here's some pics of the bad boy.







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9 hours ago, scalpy said:

Love Traynor amps, bet that’s killer. 

Love all Traynor gear! I own a YBA200-2 bass head and a TC410 neo cab. Other than my one Ampeg amp I'm all Traynor at the moment lol. But the bassmaster is definitely special and has serious mojo. I'd definitely suggest it to anyone who has a chance to snag one. 



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